Essential Oils in the ICU - page 2

Hello all :) We want to start using essential oils in our ICU for increased patient and family satisfaction for all those pleasant odors that float around. Wondering if anyone has implemented... Read More

  1. by   Kareegansee
    I understand that there is a lot of evidence to support this, but to be completely honest, I think its pretty inconsiderate to shove all of those smells in one place unless you can be sure that everybody in the area is okay with it. I work with a couple girls who are into them and wear them to work. It's like being forced to smell heavily sprayed cologne in an elevator. Sure, the person who put it on thought it smelled good, but we all know that everyone else is secretly turning up their nose and wondering what he was thinking. You may love them but respect other people's right to not have their space invaded.
  2. by   JellyDonut
    NO NO NO NO NO!!! Eeeekkk!!