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Hi, My husband is American and we are leaving Australia to live in the USA. I am an Intensive Care Nurse with a post graduate degree and are looking to change career to do medicine. If you're a... Read More

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    No, it's not. I know plenty of RNs who've gone to medical school. Point is, they didn't expect - or get - credit or recognition of prior learning for being an RN. Everyone comes in from scratch. The reality is - being a doctor is nothing like being a nurse. & in Australia, the pre-reqs required for medicine (bio, chem, physics) are a) not compulsory, simply expected and b) not required for nursing.
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    That's good to know. I personally have never seen it...but glad to hear that it does in fact happen. I should have said in my post that the nursing science courses are NOT the same as the pre meds..either a typo or a senior moment.

    Wow, a male nurse 60 years ago. He was a trail blazer in more ways than one. My cap is off to him.

    Best to you,
    Mrs H.

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