Cedars-Sinai vs Keck Hospital of USC - page 2

Hi everyone, I was hoping I could get some input from people who live in the LA area. I have about 1 year experience in a medical/surgical ICU and I am looking to change hospitals for various reasons. I actually applied to both... Read More

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    Does anyone know the hourly wage of nurses at Keck USC?

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    I personally know the nurse manager for the neuro icu. She says the benefits are great. She didn't go into specifics but she did say that your children can attend USC for free. However, I think that's a well known fact. I'll have to ask her for more information.
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    I'm considering the move to Los Angelos area. I have only medical surgical experience and will have one year of rural ER experience. This will be quite the culture shock but I am excited for the move. I want to apply for an ER position with the intention of getting ICU experience.

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