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Question: Can 1mg (0.5ml) of Ativan be given IVP undiluted into a central line if flushed before and after as you normally do for any drugs through central line port? Nothing was going in to... Read More

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    I dilute it because it says to in the drug book and since that was my bible in nursing school it's just automatic.

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    Because it's so viscous - I always mix it with saline to prevent it from sticking to the tubing and the pt not getting the correct dose. Until you get that one wild patient that makes you give it undiluted right into the closest port then flush liberally then it's lights out ..zzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    I have given it both ways; diluted and undiluted. I prefer to give it diluted in peripherals because its so thick and it burns when going in.
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    I just love this site.... I learn sooooo much from you folks that I'd never learn in lecture!
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    i usually draw up one ml of saline and push into the ativan vial just so I can draw it up easier, takes longer to draw it up undiluted then to just cut with a bit of saline. I see no reason to not push straight though because I have worked in one place where ativan came in carpujects and that also worked fine.
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    I think the only real issue is the size of the syringe being used on the central line. They claim that anything smaller than a 10ml syrine generates too much pressure in the line and you risk splitting the catheter. I have never heard of this actually happening and I know some nurses that will use a carpuject into a PICC. That being said, if I am going to give the entire vial, of whatever med, it is often just as easy for me to draw it up in a flush, mix it a couple times, and go push it.
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    Sometimes I dilute it, sometimes I don't. It depends on the situation and I have never had an adverse outcome from either administration method.

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