Which hospitals are hiring CNA and Patient Care Techs? Which hospitals are hiring CNA and Patient Care Techs? | allnurses

Which hospitals are hiring CNA and Patient Care Techs?

  1. 0 Just wondering which hospitals in the Detroit area are hiring Patient Care Technicians/ CNAs right now... if anyone knows, holler!
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    Hey Bronzemint23, I was on Henryford.com and they had a few jobs at they're new hospital in Bloomfield and the hospital in Warren. I'm not sure which one would be closer but check them out. My sister works as a PCA at the Warren hospital and she says they can't keep anybody, so maybe you can apply and she say's they have good benefits.
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    sweet, thanks! i'm going to take the cna course in april, i just want to make sure i will be able to find a job fairly quickly..... do you know if hospitals will hire someone w/o experience? (maybe ask your sister if she knows...)
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    Hey Bronzemint23, here's what the job description says:

    High School Diploma or G.E.D. equivalent. Certification as a Nursing Assistant preferred with experience in the role of Nursing Assistant or Certification as a Nursing Assistant without job experience acceptable. Current Heartsaver Certification. Successful completion of 120-day introductory period required to achieve knowledge of policies relative to job duties and patient care unit.

    So I going to go out on a limb and say they'll train you. My sister has been a CNA for over 11 years then went back and did the Pca class. She said they trained her to do what the hospital required.
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    Awesome, you were really helpful! thanks a lot :icon_hug::icon_hug: