Which hospitals are hiring CNA and Patient Care Techs?

  1. Just wondering which hospitals in the Detroit area are hiring Patient Care Technicians/ CNAs right now... if anyone knows, holler!
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  3. by   Sirena922
    Hey Bronzemint23, I was on Henryford.com and they had a few jobs at they're new hospital in Bloomfield and the hospital in Warren. I'm not sure which one would be closer but check them out. My sister works as a PCA at the Warren hospital and she says they can't keep anybody, so maybe you can apply and she say's they have good benefits.
  4. by   bronzemint23
    sweet, thanks! i'm going to take the cna course in april, i just want to make sure i will be able to find a job fairly quickly..... do you know if hospitals will hire someone w/o experience? (maybe ask your sister if she knows...)
  5. by   Sirena922
    Hey Bronzemint23, here's what the job description says:

    High School Diploma or G.E.D. equivalent. Certification as a Nursing Assistant preferred with experience in the role of Nursing Assistant or Certification as a Nursing Assistant without job experience acceptable. Current Heartsaver Certification. Successful completion of 120-day introductory period required to achieve knowledge of policies relative to job duties and patient care unit.

    So I going to go out on a limb and say they'll train you. My sister has been a CNA for over 11 years then went back and did the Pca class. She said they trained her to do what the hospital required.
  6. by   bronzemint23
    Awesome, you were really helpful! thanks a lot :icon_hug::icon_hug:

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