WCCCD Schedule?

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    I am applying for the Spring 2014 program and I am wondering if anyone who is in the program can give me a little insight into what your schedule is like? I know that it depends on what they give you but any info would be helpful! =)

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  3. by   Wen902
    Hi, If you look in the thread for the 2013 applicants a couple people have posted their schedules. I will be applying for Spring 2014 also, good luck!
  4. by   trish_pkh
    I just applied for 2014 spring semester on the 29th. From what I have heard from nursing students, the schedules are all over the place. It is based on a lottery, so its up to chance what kind of schedule you get. Some students had to travel between northwest and western campus. Basically, its crazy
  5. by   I'm_no_Genius
    Wen902 thanks for making that correction, because it is important that we stay factual and supported on this site, and not spread unsubstantiated rumors. We all, those of us who have applied, are more than likely, in a stress mode of being very inquisitive about what is going to happen to us in getting into the program. However, I make this comment, because every since August 19, 2013 until Oct 3, 2013 , you have presented questions from rumors, that you claimed you heard, yet posed them as questions, which actually leads to rumors. Yet if they were true rumors...what is the relevance, I ask,...well so what...don't attend WCCCD. I have been following this site of comments since I applied in May 2013, and I have never felt a need to comment until your last comment Oct 3, 2013. Because no matter how unsubstantiated your comments have been, that comment hit home. If your comment had been true...that would mess with my time table of putting my life on a very different schedule. The very next morning, Oct 4, 2013, I called WCCCD nursing office, for the first time, to verify and clarify your information that you put on this site. I not only talked to the Dean, but 2 staff members, who all stated unequivalently that date had not been moved again, and everyone for Spring 2014 hopefuls would hear within 2-3 week, at the latest 4weeks. And by the way, they apologized sincerely for people who feels that they need to put out rumors to show that they are in the know. All I am saying to you and anyone else who choose to put information on this site, be supportive, be factural (no hear say), don't try to impress, be a team player, and by all means keep us informed...because this is my life's goal and I don't need any additional stress. I would also like to Thank SmackerNurse, Darien, NayNayRN2b, and Trish_pkh...for keeping it REAL!
  6. by   melo0002
    Quote from Wen902
    Hi, If you look in the thread for the 2013 applicants a couple people have posted their schedules. I will be applying for Spring 2014 also, good luck!
    when you applied were there alot of people at the application meeting? im so nervous and anxious all at the same time
  7. by   Wen902
    I got there really early and there were maybe 15 people but it didn't take long so a lot might have shown up after I left. Were there a lot there when you applied?