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WCCCD nursing fall 2012 hopefuls!

  1. 0 hey guys i have been reading on here for a while but have never written! i just finished applying for the fall semester and im soooo nervous! i got good points... 3.83 so i got full points there, got a 90 on my reading and 64 on my math so about 10 and 4 points all pre recs done at wayne county and almost all co recs done (ill be finished at the end of the semester) so i am hoping that is enough to get me through but im so scared that i forgot to check something off or fill something out at the application meeting even though i checked it 50 times!!!! anyone else out there going for the fall start? maybe if there is we can keep each other sane while we wait for our email in april!!
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    no one?? how about any hopefuls at all... spring or fall 2013??
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    Hello,, I am anxiously waiting also but we have a long way to go. I have heard of some ppl who didn't get in and got their letter within two Weeks
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    wow really? i guess thats pretty good news that we have not heard anything yet! according to the meeting we should hear back the 28th or the 29th of april!! good luck!
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    I was told for four to six Weeks which would put us at the 2nd week in April. Please don't tell me I have to wait until May to find out.
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    oh i didnt hear the four weeks!! maybe we will get lucky! they did say it should go faster than it has in the past since everything is going out through email instead of snail mail now... no having to run hundreds of letter and addressing them all and everything!!
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    I am in the nursing program now at WCCCD 2nd semester. You will all get your letters at the same time late April or Early May, trust me.
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    well they said letter will go sooner than in the past because they will be emailed and not snail mailed!
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    I applied for the Fall semester too. Im so nervous!! ---- said emails will be sent April 28. If anybody hears anything sooner, please post!! Good luck to all!!
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    oh really??? its getting closer now!! my stomach flips every time i think about it!!!
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    I'm anxiously waiting, and keep checking my e-mail just in case they decide to send it early!! They said April 28th at my meeting, and I haven't heard of anyone getting a letter saying that they didn't get in. All of my co-reqs are done, I got an 87 in reading and a 76 in math, 4.0 gpa, all classes done at WCCCD and I have a CNA license. So I'm pretty hopeful that I will get in. Good luck everyone! Hope we hear soon!!!!!
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    good luck everyone! Also I believe they will be sending to ur college email not your personal email!
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    yes they said that if you gave a personal email they WOULD NOT send an acceptance or denial letter!! they would only accept WCCCD emails!