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Hello! I plan to apply in June 2012 for Spring 2013. I have to take the A&P2 next semester. Are there anymore 2013 hopefulls???... Read More

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    looks like I wont be able to apply today. they say they are short staffed and not able to get around to evaluating everyone's form

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    should I just apply anyway? they are taking too long and the classes I took at another college don't even count toward the RN program. I put in an evaulation form months ago
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    I'm not sure how strict they are about having all the required documents. Personally I would apply anyway if the classes weren't your pre-req's. Consider that the classes aren't on your transcript anyway. Go ahead and apply.
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    Okay I'll take a chance. I put an evaluation form in months ago it should have been here by now. This school needs more help if they are lagging behind like this
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    You should be fine. Make sure you look over your application as many times necessary. Also anything that doesn't apply to you put N/A. Don't leave anything blank.
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    I applied. They didn't take my CNA license because it expired. So I don't get any extra points for healthcare experience
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    after June 30, how long will it be before we know if we are accepted into the RN program?
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    I have no idea. Based on the previous threads, it looks like the wait is at least 2 months. Considering I applied in May, I'm going to go bananas by then. I promised myself I wouldn't allow it to happen. As I was reading some of the older post, I was telling myself I wasn't going to allow this to control me like that. But I ready see how people were feeling. One thing I'm not going to do is call the nursing office and allow them to give me the run around.
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    May not get a job after school. Good luck
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    why not?

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