Wayne State University, DET Waiting for Response

  1. Hello, I am applying to Wayne State University College of Nursing in Detroit, Michigan for fall 2010. I have completed all of my requirements to be considered for an interview/ admissions (my application is complete). How long will it take to hear a response from WSU CoN regarding an interview and or acceptance notice?
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  3. by   WayneStateKatie
    You won't hear until the first week of June. Applicants have until the 1st of June to submit all application materials and transcripts-- only after the deadline for materials can admissions decisions be made. They don't conduct interviews for the traditional program, and I have a feeling they may not be doing them anymore for the second degree program (though I could be wrong).

    My admission posted to my online applicant page about June 5th a few years ago. Start checking the application page after the 1st. I know waiting is the hardest part-- good luck!
  4. by   aarin80
    Thanks for the reply to my post. I have a friend that has graduated from the BSN [at WSU CoN] program this year and said, there has been interviews being conducted to possible BSN applicants already (according to her). The most current information package (08/ 09) says, "possible interviews." Personally, I want to have an interview.

    I have also, submitted "supplemental materials", a cover letter, personal statement, letter of recommendation, and resume. Hoping this will increase the likelihood of being admitted. I have BIO 2200 and BIO 2800 as both WF and as a transfer credit. I did the transfer credits the preceding semester with a "B+" and "A" respectively. This makes me nervous.

    When you say your admission posted to your "online application page", are you referring to your "college status?" The "online application page" [as of now has] four main headings; Entry Term (Fall 2010) , Program (Traditional), Admission Status (complete), College Status (BLANK!!!!), and Details (Admission Checklist). I am wondering if the "College Status" is were my possible admission will be posted? I wonder if they say, accepted or denied??
  5. by   WayneStateKatie
    Mine said "Admit" under the admissions status heading (and still says it now when I log in).

    As far as I know they are not conducting interviews for the traditional program (and I'm pretty involved in the College of Nursing-- In fact if you're admitted I'll be seeing you at your orientation day to promote the College of Nursing council-- that is of course assuming I can get my manager to give me that day off from my summer externship).

    I know it's hard not to freak out but it sounds like you've done everything you can. It's now out of your hands and you'll know in less than three weeks (though it will feel like 3 months). Again, good luck and keep us posted!
  6. by   aarin80
    Thanks agin for the information and maybe I will see you during "new student orientation."
  7. by   jon2000
    hi, aarin80,
    i applied to the cd2 program for fall 2010 and had my interview last week. no interviews for traditional applicants. they also have second round of interviews scheduled around 1st wk of june for applicants finishing up with pre-requisites. so i assume we wont hear anything until middle of june i think....

    so katie, do you know how many applicants applied for the cd2 program and how many they are accepting for fall 2010?


  8. by   aarin80

    To clarify, the "second round" of interviews are for CD2 applicants? I know for the Traditional Program there is a "Newly Admitted Traditional Student Orientation" held on June 15 Th. (according to CoN website). So, I am assuming traditional applicants will know if they are admitted (or not) by then. Good luck to you and keep us posted!!
  9. by   jon2000
    Yes, second round interviews for only CD2 applicants....

    Thanks, and good luck to u too...
  10. by   WayneStateKatie
    I think it's July 15th not June 15th for the traditional student orientation (at least I hope so because that's the day I requested off with my manager)...

    No idea how many applied Jon2000 sorry! But I think they're doing 48 slots for CD2 and 48 for traditional again (it's been that many the last couple of years and when I look online for the first year nursing classes in fall it shows 48 slots). There are probably in the ballpark of 175-200 applicants if the numbers are the same as the last few years so about a 1/4 chance.

    And I'd still think you will hear for sure in the first week of June for the traditional program aarin80 since they don't have the interviews etc. that they do for the CD2s. Just start checking your page starting the 1st and it will pop up soon.

    Good luck to both of you!
  11. by   livingk
    Hi there,

    I am considering WSU's 2nd career program for this fall. If you are a current student and are willing to share with me about your experience, I would be really grateful! I'd love to hear how it is from your perspective. Please give me any advice you're willing to share. I really want to hear from a student or grad's point of view before deciding on a program. Thanks!
  12. by   aarin80
    Read the article published in The South End, this should give you a good idea to whats going on with WSU CoN. I have moved on, I am currently doing the Dietetics program here at WSU. More intensity, organic I and II, general I, statistics, and an annoying Organizational Behavior course. This program has made me pursue med school, this program parallels the Bachelor of Science in Nutation that many pre-med students take. After this program I will need a year of physics and a second general chemistry course, plus any other course to prepare for the MCAT. Good luck to your endeavors.

  13. by   WayneStateKatie
    Just because it's hard to get into and there are not many slots open does not mean one shouldn't apply... That's not a unique situation; hundreds of students are turned away from every nursing program in the area each year. If nursing is what one wants to do then go for it! Wayne is a FANTASTIC school. I know I'm probably going to be flamed here but it SHOULD be hard to get into a program. Nurses hold people's lives in their hands. I am graduating in two weeks and I have LOVED every second during the program at WSU.

    In fact I loved my experience there so much I applied and was accepted into a graduate program starting this summer. I chose Wayne even though the tuition is higher than other institutions because I know the high caliber of education I will receive from the school. There's a huge look of respect I get from people when I tell them I attend Wayne State's College of Nursing and I thrive on that. Their nursing program is highly regarded not only in the state but is nationally known as well. There are several of us who already have full time jobs before we graduate and others have been getting interviews like crazy. Apparently employers like WSU and our students too

    There have been AMAZING instructors, one or two who aren't my favorites but are ok (and you're going to have that wherever you attend school. Can't win the jackpot with them all).

    I did the traditional option so I had summers off and had fewer classes a semester and more time to work. I'm not going to lie the second degree option is tough. You will pretty much live nursing and won't really have that much time to work. If you're focused for those 4 semesters you will be so thrilled at all you've learned and accomplished in that short of a time. What I really like about Wayne is it really is a diverse institution. The student body has a lot of diversity. My class was about 40% males which I appreciated and the diversity of ages, cultures, and ethnicities is unparalleled. I loved attending class in the city and has a very different feel than other institutions.

    I don't think you could go wrong with attending Wayne. The new SIM labs and and the new SIM man dummies are great I wish we had the awesome new ones the whole time I was there instead of only the last year. If you have any questions just ask (though I admit to being openly biased in thinking that Wayne is great) Have you visited the college for yourself?
  14. by   livingk
    I've been to campus, but not actually toured the nursing school. I expected that WSU students were highly regarded, and that you probably got clinicals with the DMC which seems like it would be great for getting experience at a good potential employer. WSU doesn't give acceptances until June, and I'm already in at U of M. I do live by Ann Arbor and did my first degree there, so it's hard to decide without really hearing about the program in depth from a student perspective. Thank you so much for your insight. That's great to hear that a lot of the students have jobs lined up. Where will you be working?