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  1. Hi! I'm new to this forum. I applied to WSU CON's second degree/career program. Is there anyone who is applying this year or has applied here in the past? I'm not sure what they are looking for in there applicants and I'm trying to figure out my chances. I was accepted into another program that starts in two weeks, but I'd much rather hold out for WSU! Does anyone know what they are looking for in their applicants? volunteer hours, paid HCE, GPA, etc...? Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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    Moved to MI Nursing Programs for more response.
  4. by   ec7855
    I applied to the program as well. Haven't found out too much information and just kind of waiting to hear back from Wayne about an interview. Have you heard anything?
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    Hello! I'm applying to the Fall 2012 CD2 program as well and just scheduled my interview.

    When I went to the informational meeting the advisor continually stressed the importance of your prerequisite GPA. Someone asked him about the grades from your bachelors degree, and he said that save for the grades that account for a prereq, they don't matter. I remember this quite well, as I was going to ask the same question. My GPA for my bachelors degree is in no ways impressive, and since I come from a liberal arts background, I (thankfully) had to fulfill 8 out of the 10 prereqs for the program in the last year. People asked about volunteering and experience, and he continuously reiterated the importance of your prereq GPA. Not that they wouldn't help, but the grades are the most important thing. He also mentioned that the interview is very make-it-or-break-it. I got the impression it's mostly about whether or not someone has the capabilities to handle the intensity of the program. He did make mention that they no longer took priority over students who took their prereqs at Wayne State; that was something they have just not yet taken off of their website. Initially I was going to try and take some of my prereqs at Wayne, but after he said that I took them all at CC to save money. I have a friend who went through the program a few years ago and she didn't take any classes at Wayne and had no health care experience.

    I took notes during the meeting. He said the numbers for the class starting in fall 2010 were prereq GPA average of 3.65, and the cut off GPA was 3.45. More weight is put on the grades for the natural science classes. He didn't have the numbers for 2011, and said they changed each year depending on the pool of applicants.

    Hope that helps! Good luck!
  6. by   TKVani
    I am waiting to hear back...I was denied once already (2010), also during my initial effort I was FORCED to take a class that is the EXACT same class I had already taken for my B.A. in Liberal Arts, I was told repeatedly both in person and over the phone that I had to take the class because I had no SOC on my transcript, I even took the WSU classes book with me and showed the lady that it's the EXACT SAME class, she did not want to acknowledge it! So, I end up taking this class, getting the same grade as before (A-) with 5 OTHER classes (which I feel caused me to get a C in micro, thus lowering my g.p.a.) only to have her tell me that I now have a repeat on my transcript and that because it was their fault they would substitute another class that I got a solid A in!! Then after all this headache I still got denied and I got so discouraged AND I am out of financial aid. Thank goodness my husband has a good job!

    I never got an interview for last year (2011), then when I called to see if I could make myself more competitive I was told that I would have made it in last year had they rolled my application over!!!! I am so ****** because I feel like i've been getting the run around ever since I started trying for WSU's CD2 program. Has anyone had these experiences?!?

    Now I am sitting here reading that some people have already had interviews and I re-applied back in March!! This is getting beyond ridiculous and I am starting to feel like I won't ever get into a nursing program and I am not old but I am no spring chicken either!

    Any input would be appreciated...I have been following allnurses for some time now and finally decided to join, I would love to speak with waynestatekatie if anyone knows or corresponds with her can you please ask her to message me, perhaps she can provide some additional insight. Thank you all so much for any help!!
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    Also, does anyone know if they take into account people who take a large number of classes together and pass them all, not with C's but with B's & A's? I know many people including myself can take classes one or two at a time and ace them, but that's not how they administer the classes for the CD2 program...so I guess what I'm asking is are they solely basing entrance on grades not on how you achieved those grades. I ask because I had someone tell me when I was taking my pre-req's that a lot of people get into the CD2 program, can't handle the load and ask to be transferred to the traditional program, that seems unfair and like they are wasting that spot for someone who is willing to do the work. Not trying to be nasty or step on toes of those that took one or two classes but I feel they should look at the whole picture. Opinions appreciated. Thanks!
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    Hi TKVani,

    I'm glad people are responding to my post!! I had my interview this morning. I was in the second group of interviews. From other posts on this website it seems that there will be one more group of interviews towards the end of June. The orientation day is July 12th, so we will know sometime before then if we got in! They also gave me less than a weeks notice about my interview, so don't give up hope. It seems that they only focus on GPA, but they looked at my research experience, healthcare experience, volunteer hours, etc... and discussed them in the interview, so if you have any of those then they should help! In the informational meeting they commented that if you get into the cd2 program and can't make it then you have to reapply. You don't get the option to switch programs. In the interview they asked how do I handle stress/how do I know that I will be able to finish the program, so I think they would look to see if you took the classes one at a time or together with other classes. Did you roll your application over this cycle? Maybe you should try applying to the traditional program or work on a masters degree then reapply next year (assuming you don't get in this year)? Good luck!

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    Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks so much for responding, I still haven't heard anything and my page still hasn't changed. For the FIRST time ever I was able to speak with my adviser...I didn't even know I had one all this time because the lady that kept answering the phone kept telling me I couldn't make an appointment with anyone!! And yes, I'd paid the $50!! I think she didn't want me to tell anyone that she had been "counseling" me incorrectly all these years!!! Well, when I talked to the guy I told him everything and he was just as furious as me! I don't know what else to do as far as that lady goes, nor am I certain I want to even exert anymore energy her way (I believe higher powers take care of people like that). I have taken a CNA course but I couldn't get anyone to hire me on and where I stay the hospitals for volunteering all want to dictate to you how many hours they want you to volunteer?!? I have never heard of a "volunteer" being forced to work x-amount of hours like it's a job...that's news to me. I will be rolling my app over again if they deny me again this year. I was thinking of trying for the traditional, I'll talk w/my adviser and see what he says...I'm really just exasperated because I was reading this older ladies post from MI who said she applied for 4yrs straight and the 5th yr she was going to stop, then they finally let her in...what bugs me about this is, if she didn't change anything on her academic record and wasn't good enough all those other years why all of a sudden was she accepted? Pity? I certainly wouldn't want anyone to get a nurse working with/on them because of pity!! It just doesn't make sense to me the selection "criteria". If anyone else thinks so let's discuss it. =)
  10. by   jelson

    I just wanted to say sorry for all that you have been through. I am just starting out, I decided to go back a week before summer classes started and I am hoping to be ready for next fall. I will also apply to the CD2 program. I hope you get accepted soon. Many good wishes to you.

    For everyone else,

    Would you mind sharing your GPA and any repeats? Also, has anyone found some good old scholarship money. Since some of us already have a BS degree, our grants and such are a thing of the past.