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  1. Hello everyone. I applied for the WSU CD2 program for fall 2010. I had my interwiew on May 15th. I was wondering if being a graduate of Wayne State helps (B.S. in mortuary science), and I also was wondering how and when they notify you. Back in 2005 I was notified about mortuary school via a letter in the mail. As I understand you are notified on the CON website when you log in. My status now says interview. I have read on here that you are notified by about the end of the first week of June, but I also read that they conduct more interviews after June first for those finishing up other application requirements. Anyone have any insight?
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  3. by   krinz86
    Hey how was the interview? I am applying for accelerated option in Fall 2010 as well. I have an interview next week. Is it just questions, or do we have to also write an essay?
    Any advice would be helpful
    Thanks in advance!
  4. by   Mortuaryman0812
    All questions, mostly asking about if you can handle their rigorous program. They asked how I was financially prepared because they don't want you to work. They also asked how it would effect my social life. I told them I am married with kidds, I have no social life, lol. Good luck.
  5. by   Sherryberry01
    Hi All,

    I'm on pins and needles! I interviewed last Monday; I wonder when they're going to tell us the news. I'll be sure to post as soon as I hear back, can you all please let me know once you hear something? According to posts from previous years, they're going to update our admission status in our online accounts. Best of luck to all of you.
  6. by   Sherryberry01
    I just found out admissions decisions will be made by the end of the week! We should check our online account via the "MY CON" link and password. I'm going to go crazy before this week is over...
  7. by   Sirena922
    For those of you thats waiting to hear on your status, can you tell me what your Undergrad G.P.A was?
  8. by   Sherryberry01
    Hi Sirena,

    My undergrad was only a 3.4. I got A's in all the pre-reqs, so I'm hoping that'll help.

    Did you apply for this cohort too?
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  9. by   Sirena922
    No Sherry I didn't, I will apply for the next one. I'm looking into all the schools right now and I'll probably apply for Oakland Uni, and Wayne State. If it takes too long I'll apply for a LPN program, I need to work.
  10. by   Mortuaryman0812
    I GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My CON page was updated today ( Wed. 6/16) it says admit under my status.
  11. by   Mortuaryman0812
    Quote from Sirena922
    For those of you thats waiting to hear on your status, can you tell me what your Undergrad G.P.A was?
    My G.P.A. is 3.54 with a BS in mortuary science from Wayne State.
  12. by   Sherryberry01
    I'm admitted!!!Thank God! I'm so excited!
    Congrats to everyone else admitted! I'm so happy because my hubby is starting a PhD program in Finance there in the fall, so we'll be together.
  13. by   Sirena922
    CONGRADULATIONS Mortuaryman0812!
  14. by   Sherryberry01
    Looking forward to meeting you in the fall Mortuaryman! According to the website, we have orientation on July 13th.