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Anyone have any information about the U of M Flint nursing program? I am finishing my prereqs and trying to get in to the program, but would like some insider advice on what to expect.... I know the... Read More

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    Oh so happy for you all getting in!! I hope that I will be able to say the same thing next March!!
    I really want to go to U of M being it's so close!! Blk2b1g Congrats on getting in!! Why was your son in the NICU? Was he at Hurley too? Did you end up applying at Oakland too? If you don't mind me asking what was your GPA and did you write about your son in your goal statement because I will about my daughter!
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    I got in, ask away?
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    nurich, why are in the program if you are already a RN? Has anybody taked A and P at Macomb in the summer? I am this summer and wanted to know if anybody had any advice?
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    Do you have any last minute advice for me getting into U OF M Flint accelerated program? I don't feel too confident applying being I only have a 3.57 GPA on my pre-reqs. And was in the 80's on the hesi!! I'm not feeling too confident I still have to write my essay though do you think I would still have a chance if my references are really good and my essay is good with those numbers?
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    I applied for the Basic Program... I am hoping to get in! Has anyone heard back from the basic program? I have a good GPA and HESI scores, but I had to take a semester off for major health problems so I hope that doesn't hurt anything. I explained it in my letter... please let me know when you hear about the basic program!
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    I got my letter from the acclerated program and I did not get in But they placed me in the alternate status pool, has anybody been in this or know someone who has for U of M Flint? Mellissa when I talked to the nursing dept the other day they said they are just now looking at the basic BSN applications so I don't know how much longer you will have to wait! Good Luck!
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    Thank you Josette19. I was hoping to hear soon, either way...
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    There is an accelerated adult nurse practioner program that is 12 months.
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    Do you have an email address I could contact you at I have alot of questions about UofM?
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    Can anyone that's in U of M Flint's accelerated nursing program tell me about it so far?? I applied for the fall 2013 but won't know until April if I got in or not. I was also accepted to UDM's program that starts in May but I am trying to outweigh all the pros and cons of both schools. Any information would be helpful!! Thank you!