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I am thinking about going to Mercy's accelerated second degree program but I hear they lose many people during the year due to grades. Is that true? Is it too fast and should I consider a 2 year... Read More

  1. by   avan
    I had my interview Feb 4th. Frrmygh91, are you going to accept the spot for August? I applied for May as well.
  2. by   Frrmygh91
    My interview was was Thursday Jan 30th , maybe you will get accepted for the summer semester !!
    its weird that i got accpeted for fall
  3. by   Frrmygh91
    Yes I am , but i really wanted to start in may but oh well ! Are you gonna accept urs?
  4. by   avan
    Yes, I already accepted. It'll give us time to enjoy summer and get situated. I'm pretty excited : )
  5. by   Frrmygh91
    I will tomorrow too but first I emailed to ask why aug , so I will just accept it tomorrow
  6. by   olafaraj
    I had my dates wrong my interview was on the 30 th of January as well, I hope I hear back from them soon... I'm glad you both heard back though, and August isn't so bad you'll get to enjoy the summer at least!
  7. by   Frrmygh91
    Oh hopefully you will hear from them soon , i was told that the summer cohort is filled thats why they extended ours to fall but yea fall is not too bad either , good luck
  8. by   olafaraj
    Thank you, I'm a little worried now because I still haven't heard back. Good luck to both of you
  9. by   ay2126
    I applied for Aug 2014 but I am still taking the last 3 pre-reqs. Since they have already picked people for Aug, will they push me farther out?
  10. by   avan
    They might, I would call them and ask. Has anyone else received any info regarding orientation for August?
  11. by   meg115
    I was recently granted an interview at UDM and was wondering if anyone else was in the same position as I am? Also, I have read some posts that people have been accepted for the August 2014 start date? If this is true, do you know if UDM is still accepting applicants for the fall or is that cohort already closed?
  12. by   meg1994
    Has anyone applied for the August 2017 cohort? I just had my interview last week and they told me they will have their final decisions made by mid June. I was surprised to hear that they are going to wait so long to tell us. Has anyone heard anything back?
  13. by   payk13
    hey meg1994,
    I also applied for the August 2017 cohort and had my interview in April. They told me mid june as well but I have one more class to take so it's confusing cause I don't want to waste money to take it when I won't even know if I'll get in or not :/

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