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I am thinking about going to Mercy's accelorated second degree program but I hear they lose many people during the year due to grades. Is that true? Is it too fast and should I consider a 2 year... Read More

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    **January 2014
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    jazevi, I was accepted to the January 2014 cohort!
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    Have you read any good tips on here? For the most part, I have gathered that it is difficult, but do-able.
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    Awesome! I'm excited. Have you gotten any other information in the mail or by email regarding orientation or when classes start? I paid my deposit and did my fafsa. I work full time so I need to let my boss know when I'm leaving lol. I called ------------------ and she gave me ------------------'s number abd I've left messages. Just want to know I haven't missed anything!
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    Oops... I guess we will call them advisors or program directors
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    No one? :-(
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    I am a Fall 2013 cohort student for the SDO. If anybody wants information privately, let me know. There are some things that you REALLY need to know. First, I am not sure if you all are aware that they accidentally admitted 25 too many people to the program for the January start. Those 25 people were actually supposed to be admitted for the May start. So before anybody quits their jobs, moves, etc. does the things that the rest of us did, make sure you are admitted! Did you notice at your orientation how crowded the room was? There is a good chance that the chairperson may not be in that position when you start. They expected 40 and 65 showed up to orientation. 40 is the number they try to limit the cohorts to. Secondly, there has been discrepancies with the number of credits we will be taking and whether financial aid will be available for the last 7 week term. We still do not have an answer. They have rearranged some things with the class layout, adding the last 7 weeks, etc. and they do not have the bugs worked out yet. I do not know yet how this will effect me, you should be concerned as well.
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    What is going on? I am in the Jan 2014 cohort, I'm so worried about starting this program!! Orientation was full . They said that they purposely admitted extra students because at the start of each semester there are always a few students who decide that they don't want to be in it, for whatever reason. Does anyone have any more info??
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    I am a Mercy grad from 1981. I was a generic student. Anything less than a 70% was a fail. It is a tough program, but 30 plus years later, I am still active in nursing. The degree is well worth all the work. Good Luck!
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    Can someone please tell me what day classes begin. I was not at orientation because I received zero info about it after my acceptance letter. I have been in contact with the director and competed all of my paperwork but no one is getting back to me with details... does anyone know what is going on?
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    Classes begin on Jan 6!
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    @mhwsu THANK YOU!
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    Finally got the info, anyone else in the second track?