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Anyone have any information about the U of M Flint nursing program? I am finishing my prereqs and trying to get in to the program, but would like some insider advice on what to expect.... I know the basics (what I was told by an... Read More

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    I applied for the Basic Program... I am hoping to get in! Has anyone heard back from the basic program? I have a good GPA and HESI scores, but I had to take a semester off for major health problems so I hope that doesn't hurt anything. I explained it in my letter... please let me know when you hear about the basic program!
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    I got my letter from the acclerated program and I did not get in But they placed me in the alternate status pool, has anybody been in this or know someone who has for U of M Flint? Mellissa when I talked to the nursing dept the other day they said they are just now looking at the basic BSN applications so I don't know how much longer you will have to wait! Good Luck!
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    Thank you Josette19. I was hoping to hear soon, either way...
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    There is an accelerated adult nurse practioner program that is 12 months.
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    Do you have an email address I could contact you at I have alot of questions about UofM?
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    Can anyone that's in U of M Flint's accelerated nursing program tell me about it so far?? I applied for the fall 2013 but won't know until April if I got in or not. I was also accepted to UDM's program that starts in May but I am trying to outweigh all the pros and cons of both schools. Any information would be helpful!! Thank you!