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Hey All! I just got an acceptance letter from UD Mercy for the ABSN. SO EXCITED. Does anyone have info/tips? I live in California, so what part of the city should I live in when I move there? Anyone... Read More

  1. by   CNTnurse
    Hi msuliz2010,

    Yes, the application as I remember it was very simplistic. I believe there was one essay which I know was very open-ended. Sounds like you did all of the steps! I applied back in October, and I had a few outstanding prerequisites (I originally applied to the May 2010 class), but they were full before even giving mine a look, so my application was automatically moved to Jan 2011, which is probably why I heard sooo early on.
    What University are you coming from? I graduated from EMU back in 2005. I am excited for the change of pace, in Detroit.
  2. by   msuliz2010
    Thanks CNTnurse,
    I was really worried that I had missed something.

    It sounds like they fill spots quickly, I hope I applied early enough to be considered for January 2011, though I would still be happy to start in May 2011. The waiting game begins

    I actually just graduated from Michigan State in May this year and I majored in Physiology.

    I was wondering, how were you notified about the class being too full for May 2010, and then later about your acceptance for January 2011? By email, on the application website, mail?

  3. by   CNTnurse
    I know they are constantly filling spots... I'm sure that you applied early enough because I can tell you one thing for sure, when I called U of D to place my deposit, they told me that I was the first person to be offered a seat. That was about 3 weeks ago, so you should be in good shape. They have 70 spots.
    I was notified by email, and then a letter came about a week after that. I was not technically notified about May being full either, I just was very persistent and called/emailed every week or so to find out my status.
    Hope this helps!
  4. by   msuliz2010
    Wow, that is very exciting to hear I hope they like my application and let me know quickly, as we all know it's difficult being patient when your entire future is being considered!

    Thanks for your information, I'm sure I'll have more questions soon!!!
  5. by   Calt
    Hi CNTnurse. Congratulations on your acceptance!! Did you complete all your prerequisites before applying? I still have two prerequisites I need to complete (Developmental Psych and Biochem) and am trying to figure out if I should apply now or wait until I complete these classes in the Fall. Thanks.
  6. by   CNTnurse
    Thank you! No, I did not complete all my prerequisites before applying. I applied with A&P II, microbio, algebra, and ethics outstanding. It just so happened that by the time they looked at my application my semester was complete, and my grades posted for these classes. So they did see my grades for all the prereq's before I got accepted. They will admit you with 4 outstanding classes, as long as you have most of the science one's complete. You should definitely not wait, since the spots are so limited. If biochem is the only science you have left, according to what they say, you should be fine.

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