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TAA training -- MCC summer classes?

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    I'm starting the MCC nursing program in August and am also eligible for TAA training reimbursement. The TAA requires that you maintain a full-time course schedule constantly, but at MCC, classes are not scheduled through the summer. I'm also being told that I should be taking an extra class or two to ensure the full-time credits each semester.

    Has anybody had to navigate through this complicated process yet? Any pointers/suggestions?

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    Although I'm unsure of what TAA training is, MCC does have classes scheduled during the summer, I'm currently in them right now! It's considered Spring/Summer. You can take classes towards your bachelors to fulfill the 12 credits...
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    Even though the nursing program is not 12 credits, it is considered full time. Talk to Teri in the nursing office about documentation to submit if it becomes a problem. I know they have to do this for some insurance companies etc.

    As for the summer problem, find out if it really is a problem. If they do require summer classes, then like the above poster said, maybe you can take some classes that would go towards a BSN.