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Hi I'm wondering if anyone is going into respiratory therapy at HFCC? I just got a letter to attend the orientation meeting this month, but the letter says that I am number 37 and they only accept 28... Read More

  1. by   Hudini
    Any information on the wait list? I see there is still 9 seats available on schedule of classes.
  2. by   OB-nurse2013
    I'm not sure where you are but I've worked in hospitals and am a trying to get into nursing and I have looked into the RT programs too. There is definately job oppurtunities and the hospital I worked at had many openings, the pay is also very good. I am trying to stick with nursing but I had a friend who switched over a while back and loves respiratory and is very happy with her decision. Also teh person who wrote above-I hope you know there are just as many struggles with finding a nursing job, a good friend of mine recently graduated with her BSN and tons of extracurliculars and highest honors and she applied for 60 jobs online and got turned down without even an interview for over 40 of them. She is finally working but only because a friend of her husbands wife headed a floor. My point is do what you like and it will all work out