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Hi All! I was wondering if someone could tell me the process of Baker's clinical application process. I'm going to talk to the Dean about this but I was just curious if someone here wouldn't mind filling me in. What are the... Read More

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    I have a child and she's 3. I also have a husband but he works mostly at night which leaves me with my daughter. I am doing pre req's right now and because of my full time schedule at work it's hard to study but I have been making due. I have all A's and B's in my pre req's thus far. When I actually start a program I don't know what I am going to do when it comes to my schedule at work. I need to at least work 32 hours so that I can still get insurance because I carry the insurance for my household. So hopefully something works itself out!!

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    Where are you doing your clinicals at this semester? Are most people at a hospital? Sorry to ask so many questions but you are the first person I've talked to that is actually in this portion of the program!
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    Honestly, the only way you’d be able to continue working fulltime is if you worked at night… Or Friday night, all Saturday and Sunday… But, you might have clinical on the weekend…So then that wouldn't work. I wouldn’t say anything to them about you having to work fulltime to keep insurance because they will tell you that they don’t care… I’m not being mean here, so don’t think that I am… I’m on my parent’s insurance still (I’m only 19)… But, they are going to tell you to make it in the program you won’t be able to work… Seriously, last week was our first full week of the program at we had 50 hours of homework, with all the reading && everything else… I don’t know how you’d work full-time, Go to class && all the other things we have to attend, and have time to get everything done… You have to be really flexible in the program because things change last minute… && you have to show up, so you’d have to miss work if something changed last minute…
    People with children are having a hard time… I know a few that are promising their children trips to Disney Land after the 18 months of the program, if the children help out and understand that mom/dad won’t have a lot of time to be with them…

    For the insurance thing, if you had to stop working… There is insurance that you could put your children under it’s through the state… I don’t remember what it’s called right now though… I’ll find out for you, just in case that is something that you’d have to think about…
    All of us are at a hospital this semester… We go between Genesys, McLaren, the McLaren in Lapeer, and Hurley… I’m going to be at McLaren this semester… You need insurance to be able to go to clinicals... So, there might be something thru the state you could get because you're a college student... You might want to think about checking into that... =/
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    My kids are what I am the most worried about because of my husbands deployment. Otherwise he's really great about supporting me and watching the kids when I need it. He carries our insurance through the military so that's not really a problem. My kids aren't old enough to understand (5, 3 and 5months) but our family has promised to help out. I'm glad clinicals aren't too far away though because I was really worried about that. I just have patho, pharm, and holistic to get through next semester. My classes aren't too bad right now (micro, ap2 and 2 computer classes)
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    The insurance for children in the state that are not insured is called MIchild or HealthyKids and you can fill out an application online. It's actually a pretty easy program to navigate and it would be perfect in your situation where you are attending school. Most doctors in Genesee County take it as well. When my oldest was first born we used MIchild for about 6 months.
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    I am at Clinton Township, and I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my letter (hopefully an acceptance!) for the Spring 2010 program. I have 23.27 points out of 24, but I don't know if it will be good enough....really depends on the competition!

    As far as insurance goes, you can get state aid with MIchild or HealthyKids - only problem is that would be for your kids, not you, and you have to have insurance to do clinicals, from what I understand. BUT, once you make it into the program, they offer a low cost insurance through Sentry, and it's meant for the students in the program. Only problem is, IF you have to quit your job, how low cost is low cost when you're not making any income!?

    Any one else going to Clinton Twp? Best of luck to you all!

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