Question for Current Schoolcraft Nursing Students

  1. Hi, I have a question and wanted to know if anyone already in the nursing program at Schoolcraft can help me. I am wondering how long you were on the waitlist before you actually got in? When was your anticipated start date and when did you actually start, if you were moved up?
    Im asking because I have been on the list since April of 2010, given a start of Fall 2014 with a possible bump up to Fall 2013. A girl in the program told me she was bumped up 2 years. I am just wondering how likely this is and/or how often it happens.
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  3. by   Dharma21
    I began taking prerequisites in May of 2009 at Schoolcraft. I submitted my paperwork the day grades posted in December of 2009 and got a letter a week later welcoming me to the fall class of 2013. I received a letter earlier this year indicating that I have been bumped to the Fall of 2012 which I confirmed with my adviser, so I start next year (well Infomatics and Pharmacology this spring).

    I think a two year bump is not impossible, but unlikely given how many people are currently trying to get into the program. I do know that although its noncompetitive, if you turned in your paperwork the day grades were posted (as many people do) they do rank you in order of GPA for that day only. So if you have a high GPA and got in on that day, you would be at the top of the list for a bump.

    Hope this info helps. Good luck!
  4. by   Imagine.Peace
    I was on the waiting list as of July 2009 and just started Fundamentals this Fall. Although I waited two years, many of my classmates only had to wait one year. A LOT of people got bumped up this year for some reason.

    Good luck