PLEASE HELP!! Everest LPN Program Southfield PLEASE HELP!! Everest LPN Program Southfield | allnurses

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PLEASE HELP!! Everest LPN Program Southfield

  1. 0 Hi Everyone,
    I recently started looking into attending the LPN Program at Everest in Southfield, MI.
    I've gone through the schools admission process and I am currently waiting to take the HESI A2 exam on 5/14/13. Im hoping to get accepted into the Sept. class. I am now thinking about re-scheduling my exam date because I am not 100% confident I'll pass the Vocab and Math sections and want to study a bit longer. Also I am currently enrolled in a Nutrition and Pharm course that will not be complete until 7/24. I know it is a very competitive process and having those courses will earn me more points. For ANYONE thats attending/attended Everest LPN program.. My question is will re-scheduling negatively effect my chances of being accepted into the program? Also, how difficult is the actual Hesi Test?
    Thanks in advance!
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    I took the HESI for Everest in 2011 and passed without extra studying. I think you'll be fine if your pretty good in Math and Vocab or in the healthcare field already. I work in the pharmacy for DMC, so I use Med. Term. and calculations daily.

    I decided not to attend Everest and to pursue my RN, since I knew I was going to want to go back for my RN anyway. I've been waiting for HFCC, then they changed the requirements on the HESI exam to 80%, from 75% and my vocab was a 79%. So I was on ITT's RN waiting list and was called. They took my HESI exam and pre-req's I had taken at HFCC and Baker.

    I know someone going to Everest part time. And she said it wasn't difficult to get in but that studying in a group setting is what helps her the most.