Patho and A&P at Macomb??

  1. Hey all I'm taking A&P again for the second time and was wondering if taking Pathogenic Microbiology would be too much to handle??? I pick my classes in the morning... help!!
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  3. by   shelbyjosh
    After being out of college for 20 years, I jumped back in with A&P. That was the only class I took. Squeaked by with a B-. Not good enough for me. This past winter I took patho micro with Dr. Raj Pandrangi. He was absolutely wonderful! If I could take every class with him, I would. Would I take both classes simultaneously?? Absolutely NOT!!!! Both classes require a decent amount of time and I would not recommend taking both at the same time.
  4. by   NoviceRN10
    I would not take both at the same time if you are counting on an A.
  5. by   purevintage
    Speaking from experience, I would not recommend taking them together. I did it.. but hated life for 4 months. (I did it only because I decided to go for nursing in the summer 2010, and I wanted to meet the 2011 application deadline)

    On the other hand.. I got As in both classes, made it into the program, and started in August. That experience last year of having every moment of the day filled with studying has helped me to keep my footing in nursing school.

    I realize you must be more than halfway into the class(es) by now, so I hope you have found exactly what was right for you to do