OU ACD BSN Time between pre-req and admission

  1. I will be finishing my pre-req to apply after this semester. I would love to start in May. But does anyone know if they fill up the session well before this? I saw people posting who were interviewed in July that will start in May 2012. I was told I would be interviewed after I finished my pre-reqs (which would be December). I am going to apply to the May 2012 but was wondering if I should expect to be delayed a semester? Thanks!
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  3. by   kvisintine
    Hi Ryba... the wait list has generally been a year for the OU ABSN program. So if you are applying in Dec 2011, then you could expect to be accepted into either the December 2012 or May 2013 Cohorts. In previous threads, people did mention being bumped to an earlier cohort, based on last minute openings, provided they had their 5 additional D and E pre-req's completed (Micro, Lifespan, Informatics, Patho, ect).

    What class are you taking this fall? I have my organic chem class at OCC- HL, and then I am also applying in Dec. ;-) Because of my personal schedule constraints, I am actually hoping to get into the May 2013 Cohort (should I be fortunate enough to get accepted!!!)
  4. by   Ryba
    I will be taking the anatomy/phys class at OU along with the Philosophy pre-req and the Psychology class. I plan to take the 3 nursing classes in the winter. Thanks for the info.