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  1. 0 Hey guys,

    For all the May 2011 cohort, jump on FACEBOOK and join the group titled: "Oakland University Accelerated 2nd Degree Nursing: May 2011". I thought this would be a good way to get to know each other by face/real name instead of these aliases.


    See ya on facebook!
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    Hey Bronzemint,

    Although I am not in the May 2011 cohort (I'm Fall 2011), how was orientation? Did they give you guys a schedule yet? I'm just trying to get some sort of feel for our daily schedule for the first semester.

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    haven't had orientation yet. haven't even been contacted. but january starts had their orientation late november... so i guess there's still plenty of time.
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    Oh ok, I figured you guys had it by now. I know ours will be in May, which I thought was kind of early. I contacted the advisor there and she said May for us. Anyhow, does anyone have a sample schedule for the first semester? I am just curious and the wait is driving me crazy. Haha.
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    I was emailed yesterday that our orientation will be in March for May 2011 starts. Evansmom-the complete schedule for all three terms is posted on the OU website as the last page of the accelerated application
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    Coincidentally I inquired about the orientation yesterday evening, and the adviser replied saying she emailed everyone the details yesterday. I didn't get the email for some reason. I have requested the adviser to resend the email to me yesterday, but she hasn't responded yet.

    SASlong, would you mind forwarding the email to me? I will PM you my Oakland email.

    I would really appreciate it thanks! And also, join the facebook group!!

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    @bronzemint email has been sent
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    SASlong (or anyone else )- I see the list of classes that we are going to be taking, but I guess I still don't understand. I see the amounts of credits and stuff. What I am really looking for is the actual schedule. For example: Mon, Wed, Fri we have lecture and Tue and Thurs are clinicals, etc. I am just curious if we will have class and clinicals on the same day? or clinicals on weekends? See what I am saying?

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    Evansmom you can go on Sail and look at the nursing courses schedule. Clinicals will not be there as they are not assigned until the right before your semester start. So the best idea you can get is the schedule that is in Sail.
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    Thanks SASlong! That would make total sense. I don't know why I didn't think of that.
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    I know that the Jan cohort's schedule is set up as classes T, W, Th and they have 12hr clinicals on M, F. The students I met with were saying there were talks of changing clinical schedules for our cohort to 3 days of 8hr shifts. Given that the Summer schedule only has MF classes, I'm assuming they went ahead with the new plan of 8hr clinicals for T, W, Th. I'm getting the feeling we are a guinea pig cohort...more students and diff. course/clinical schedule...
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    I heard the regular nursing students wore white scrubs and sewed OU patches on their arms. As for the days, I rather go to class as little as possible (days wise) because it's a long drive from me. Hopefully some of our clinical's will be assigned closer to where we actually live. Anyway I looked up the facebook group and couldn't find it for some reason. I will be there in May though!
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    that's weird, the group is open to all.... private message me your name and i'll try to invite you to the group.

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