OU ABSN Interviews for May 2011 Cohort

  1. Hi guys! Interviews started today for the May 2011 cohort, and I think I was one of the first few to interview. I know we can't talk about specific questions that were asked during the interview, but I just wanted to see if anyone would like to share their reactions/experience here.

    I personally felt pretty good, I did get one "I love your answer!" so that made me feel a little more secure since I felt like I stumbled on this one other question. I did feel a little rushed since they told me the interview would be super short right in the beginning (did anyone else feel that way?) I didn't get a clear answer on where we will be having clinicals/classes though....

    I'm sure it will be another month after interviews end until we all get mailed acceptance letters.

    Any thoughts you would like to share?.....
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  3. by   bronzemint23
    seriously? am i the only one that's interviewed for this cohort so far... lol
  4. by   dandy7778
    Hi there,
    I am interviewing next week and am really nervous / excited.
    Keep in touch - we can play the waiting game together!
  5. by   bronzemint23
    sounds great! good luck on the interview!
  6. by   blk2b1g
    I interviewed and felt rushed also. I just did not feel like it was enough time for them to make a decision. Based on others I have spoken to, I was prepared for a much longer and intense interview. The pressure to get my point across quickly made me nervous and I don't feel very good about it. We shall see!
  7. by   bronzemint23
    i completely understand. especially since i was told right in the beginning that i have 10 minutes, and that made my nervousness set in! i've heard of people having 1/2 hour interviews in the past....
  8. by   nrsstudent2010
    How many people were interviewing you all? I had one. Also, did the person write down a lot of what you were saying? Just wondering!
  9. by   dandy7778
    I had two interviewers and it went smooth. I am crossing my fingers and hoping. I didn't notice them taking notes but they did have a file they were referencing. They asked about things in my essay and the basics of why I want to be a nurse.
    The last of the interviews wrapped up today...so I don't think we will wait that much longer to find out yay or nay! I wish everyone the best of luck...
  10. by   blk2b1g
    Thanks for the info. I expected the interviews to go on for a couple more weeks. I interviewed with one person and it was pretty brief and I didn't notice much writing. I wish everyone the best of luck!! Please post if you hear any news!!
  11. by   bronzemint23
    I had 2 people as well. They said that had just read my essay so I figured that's why they weren't referring to any folders...? They also weren't taking any notes... But I think I did ok. If there were differnet interviewers then maybe that explains the different styles of interviewing so notes or not, I think you'll just have to base it in how well you think you answered the questions and also whether you feel like you made yourself stand out.
  12. by   evansmom
    Did you both interview for May 2011? I assume that is the summer session. I was just told I was interviewing for Summer 2011. Have either of you heard anything? I noticed in the past that people have been emailed about a week or so after their interview if they were accepted. It's been more than a week and I haven't heard anything. I'm getting nervous. I hope we hear soon. Ugh, I hate wating. Did you guys apply anywhere else?
  13. by   AdamsMaMi
    OK I just posted a topic, I didnt know we were interviewing for summer 2011 I thought it was for Fall 2011 for some reason, I interviewed last monday and reading others comments it seemed as if they heard back fast via email....I am starting to get really really nervous and not sleeping for a week now, please anyone post if they hear anything!!!!!!!!
  14. by   blk2b1g
    I really wasn't expecting to hear anything until the last week of August via regular mail. I think the last couple of semesters have not found out by email. Maybe they are doing interviews for both Summer and Fall right now. I will post if I hear anything. The waiting is REALLY hard!