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Hello everyone! My apologies if this is a silly question. Anyway, for those in the OCC program, does the brand of uniform matter for the program? I noticed the bookstore sells the Landau brand.... Read More

  1. by   JaaaeyRN
    Quote from wendyyvonne
    Thanks for the pic, jaaaey77!

    However, in another thread, someone said that the patches go on the left shoulder of the scrub top and lab jacket. I noticed your patch was on the right. Could you please clarify as to where the patches go?

    Thanks in advance!
    haha its a reflex from the mirror. So the patch is on my left arm
    my bad, should have clarified that earlier
  2. by   JaaaeyRN
    Quote from occ2012
    Wat About shoes?????!!!!
    white shoes-- no croc, no color straps or hello kitty face, etc on it but a little gray or silver is ok. They just have to be plain.
    I got myself a pair of skecher -- the shape-ups one.
  3. by   777RN
    Sorry for so many questions, but I noticed that on page 24 of the OCC Nursing Handbook, it says that uniforms are NOT to be worn on campus. So, do we wear plain street clothes for on-campus labs?

    Thanks in advance!
  4. by   JaaaeyRN
    On campus, we do only lab. So you can wear anything.
    I was wearing shorts last week because we was going to do bedbath and it required that we had supplies. And one of them was shorts. So it was kinda funny to everyone because it was cols outside. but I love making people smile and be happy.
    So now I'm being teased everytime I go to school and see my friends and my clinical instructors. I'm sure they love me. Hehehe