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  1. Hello. Well it looks like I might be accepted into the program starting this September! I have a question for those of you in the program now, or recent grads of OCC about clinicals. I understand you start clinicals right away for two days a week, but I am not sure of the times. I am thinking 9-5ish but if anyone can tell me generally what hours of the day clinicals usually are, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!
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  3. by   Anne36
    HI, I am going to be starting pre-req's at OCC in the fall. Are you doing the modified lpn or the adn? Did you have to take a net exam to get accepted? Was it hard to get in? I am under the impression from everything that I have read nursing school is very hard to get into. Do you need straight A's? I read the website and could see the determination standards that they go by gpa and class credits, can you tell me any more about it?
  4. by   jenni82104
    Hi, I am going for the ADN. The only exam you have to take for OCC is the Math proficiency exam. It is pretty easy, just basic math, you can go to the wesite and get a practice exam so that you know what to expect. Personally I think nursing is very hard to get into around this area. A lot of people are applying, so they can take the top students. I went to an information session and they told us they had 400 people apply for 216 spots, so it's competitive! All that being said, it is not impossible to get in, it just takes a while. My advice to you is to attend an information session at Highland Lakes, it will answer all of your questions.
  5. by   darina82
    Hi,my name is Darina and i am going to start ADN.So the only exam i have to take is math?Because i spoke with a counsler yesterday but,she gave my a list,that says math exam and three diffrent bio classes,that i have to past before inroll in the nursing program...can i please have more info,thanks
  6. by   Anne36
    Hi Darina, this thread is a little old. I am currently in the LPn program at Southfield. Your counselor gave you a pamphlet showing all the required classes? Do you already have a bunch of credits? The only entrence exam I know of is the MPT. Since I began school they have also introduced the biology proficiency exam which doesnt necessarily have anything to do with the Nursing program but is for begining your science classes.

    When you have your science classes behind you then you will go to an infomational meeting that is required and they will give you more information.
  7. by   logique
    Clinicals are usually 7a-3p or 2/3p-10/11p.

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