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Hi everyone! Okay so I decided to make a seperate thread for those of us seeing what our options are because we got the dreaded letter from OCC. It was getting hard to filter out the information... Read More

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    Wendy is correct. There is nothing in 1410 (or any of the program) that requires you to go out of the way to spend extra money on texts because the vocabulary is so advanced. You learn some new words as you go, just as you would in any other non-nursing class. The new lingo is very repetitious and the instructor(s) will explain what each new word means as they go along and if they don't, ask. New vocab is the least of your worries, trust me

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    Thanks Wendyyvonne!
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    Hi Quarterlife88,

    I was under impression that we need to take some kind tests on medical terms. Looks like it wont be a big deal... you just learn as you go along the course. Thanks.
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    There is no test. The only exams you take are based on class theory, lab skills and corresponding content, and starting 2nd semester, in the winter and beyond, med calculation at the beginning of each course.

    Again, to ease your fears: there is nothing major occurring involving medical terminology. You'll pick it up easily as you go along just as in any other course that has it's own unique words, definitions, and phrases.
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    You're welcome!
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    Thanks Quarterlife88!!!!!
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    Quote from wendyyvonne

    You will learn medical terminology as you progress through the various courses. There was no specific med-term assignment in NUR 1410 this past fall. I did not buy the med-term text or ANY of the optional/recommended texts. Any terms about which I was unsure, I would just look up online via my phone or laptop.

    You got lucky, we had to buy the medical terminology book and complete the exams at the end of the chapters, turn it in for credit in Lab. It was a pain in the butt and time consuming. It was a self study, they just wanted us to prove we did it. Is this program getting easier?
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    Hi Wendyvonne,

    Can you give some info about math test that are conducted every semester. Thanks.
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    The math tests are quite basic. Just memorize (from pharmacology) your conversions (e.g., 1 t = 5 mL, 1 T = 3 t = 15 mL, 1000 g = 1 kg, 1000 mL = 1 L, etc.) and basic formulas: D/H x V and V (mL)/T (min) x D (gtt/mL).

    I do not know of, nor have I ever heard of, anyone getting dropped from the program due to failing the math tests. You get three chances to pass each test with 90% or better. I only know of one person who used all three chances to pass.

    As one of my nursing friends said, the math tests are likely the easiest component to the program. That said, for anyone with severe math anxiety, the best advice I can give is to NOT let the math-calc tests cause undue stress. Relax ... to conserve energy for GAS checkoffs, care plans, and the almost constant pressure that is the life of a nursing student!

    Best wishes!
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    Thanks Wendyyvonne.

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