Oakland University (michigan) 2nd Degree accelerated program question....

  1. Wow just found this website, Can anyone help me out here, I interviewed for the Fall 2011 cohort at Oakland University in MI, I had my interview last monday, I thought it went really well and I have a 3.9 and all my prereqs done even the 3 pre-nursing classes and I volunteer at 2 different hospitals but I haven't heard anything back yet,my interviewer told me that I would get a letter sent in the mail and that the last interview was on the 29th so I would hear something approximately 2 weeks after. BUT I just read some topics that some people got their emails right away and now I am freaking out!! I am thinking that maybe they are going to send me a letter telling me that I was not accepted ... Has anyone interviewed lately or know anything about this?? Please Help
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  3. by   nursejms2011
    It's really hard to wait, I know. I interviewed early last March for the January 2011 cohort and did not get my acceptance letter in the mail until early April. It took a full month. And it came snail mail, not email (I don't think they do that anymore). Try to be patient (though I know how hard that is!). It's sounds like you've got all that they want. As long as your interview went well and you truly conveyed to them how much you want to do this, I'm sure you'll be fine.
  4. by   AdamsMaMi
    Never mind just received my letter today that I was accepted whhhewww what a relief that wait was horrible!!
  5. by   blk2b1g
    Congratulations! Did you recieve your letter via regular mail? I interviewed several weeks ago and am still waiting - Ugh!! So you were accepted for Fall 2011? You must be so excited!!
  6. by   AdamsMaMi
    yes very excited I received it via regular mail but it is for May 2011...
  7. by   BJSgirl
    Hi I have been accepted to University of Detroit Mercy and Oakland University's accelerated second degree programs ! Does anyone know which school is better??? I'm so torn between the two I need some advice!
  8. by   deftonez188
    I can tell you which one costs more
  9. by   BJSgirl
    YES very true!! Do you think its worth it to wait an extra 4 months to save $30,000 at OU haha? or just start u of d right away, pay more, and get done earlier? I just really want to be finished!
  10. by   danielb
    I'm curious how everyone liked the ou program since most should be finishing very soon. Thanks. Oh, and any advice would be appreciated.

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