Oakland Community College--is it easy to get into their RN program?

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    I'm attending this school finishing up my pre reqs are they pretty competitive to get into?

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    Yes.. Lat semester the cut off was a 3.8.. All Nursing programs are competitive, bring your A game to every class.
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    Yes. I graduated fom OCC in 2007, RN-ADN, and I had to wait a year before I was accepted. I had a 3.6 gpa, scored 100% on the math profienciency test and took all my pre-reqs at the school. That was then, now I have a friend of mine who is in the program with 3.8 gpa, 100% math test, and took all classes there but still had to wait a year to get in. So, yes it is very competitive to get in, but I will say that it has a great nursing program and has a good reputation producing or should I say teaching a great group of nurses. Good luck
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    When do you take the math proficiency test?
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    Do you have to show the nursing school all the transcripts of every school you attended even if the school you were at you didn't take pre reqs for? Can they find out every school you attended on their own if you don't tell them?

    I didn't do so well my first year in college, will this affect my chances? I am worried about that
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    You have to provide any college with all of your previous college transcripts. It doesn't matter if you didn't do well. Was your major nursing or was it something else. When I first enrolled at OCC, I was a transfer student from Wayne State majoring in Accounting, I hated it, and towards the end my grades began to drop.. it doesn't matter....

    Find out who your counselor is and visit them. Take all of your unofficial transcripts and have the counselor evaluate them... they will point you in the right direction. My counselor was Mr. Sloan (he rocks, he doesn't hold anything back from you)..

    Wish you all the luck....
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    Quote from Ms. Nurse Assistant
    When do you take the math proficiency test?
    You can take the math proficieny anytime you want... You should take it close to the semester before your application deadline... I took it and missed by one point, you can only get 5 wrong, I got 6 wrong.. its pretty easy basic, basic, basic, math... Stop worrying, visit a counselor and ask as many questions as you can..
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    If you don't do well on the math proficiency test, does that affect your chances of getting accepted?
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    Quote from Ms. Nurse Assistant
    If you don't do well on the math proficiency test, does that affect your chances of getting accepted?
    it's pass or fail. if you don't pass you can't apply. if you pass it doesn't matter how high you scored.
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    to answer your op, no it is not easy to get in. as everyone has stated it is based on gpa. everyone that i have talked to in the program got As in their prerequisites. it's not easy when you make it in either. the program is quite challenging. so, that's why you need the high gpa. it increases the probability that you will make it through the program.

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