Nursing Programs WITHOUT waiting lists?

  1. Hello everyone, I am currently attending University of Detroit Mercy for pre-requisites to a nursing program.

    Come to find out, Mercy recently got rid of their "pre-nursing" program which essentially held a spot in their actual nursing school for undergrad students completing their pre-requisites. I believe I have about another semester worth of classes before I can be admitted into a nursing school.

    I am afraid that come time to apply to a nursing school, I will have to wait a ridiculous amount of time to enter the program.. At about what time can I begin to apply to nursing schools having not completed all required pre-requisites? And also, does anyone know of any nursing schools that won't have a ridiculous wait time? I just want to have things figured out because this is something I have wanted for a very long time, and I'd hate for anything to slow me down.

    Any ideas or suggestions will be extremely appreciated, thanks!
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  3. by   MsAshley
    Right now I think there are very few schools in Michigan that don't have a waiting list. I know OCC doesn't have one but it is VERY competitive. The cut off gpa this year was a 3.777. Needless to say I think it is going to get higher as time goes on. The same thing with Macomb, their gpa has increased as well and people with 4.0 are still worried because they don't think they scored high enough on the HESI exam. Right now, it seems that the demand for nurses is much higher than the schools available to help teach the nurses. Hopefully over time this gets better and more schools start to have nursing programs or are able to increase the amount of students that they accept a year. HFCC is already at a 3 year waiting list along with Schoolcraft College. It is just ridiculous right now. I had considered transferring to U of D mercy for their nursing program as well but I have not completed all the pre req's. If I do decide to go there I hope there is still room as well.
  4. by   Dayned20
    Thanks for your input, I actually just transferred here from OCC for a new atmosphere, I should have checked more closely into it before I did. However, I am interested in any school without a waiting list. It doesn't necessarily have to be in Michigan, but it would be preferred.

    I just can't believe how hard it is to get into nursing school right now, and how quickly this became a problem for the schools. I have three or four relatives that recently graduated from nursing programs like Saginaw Valley and Mid Michigan, and seem to have had no problem with these waiting lists.
  5. by   MsAshley
    Yes tell me about it! I have considered moving out of state to do school as well but don't want to have to quit my job (I already work for a hospital) and have to start all over again so I am trying to make it work here.

    ITT Tech just started a new RN program. There are not very many threads on here concerning that school at all. There are no pre req's required to get in however you have to score in the top 30 on the HESI exam in order for admission. If you have taken all the pre req classes that most schools offer you can transfer them in and not have to take it throughout the course of the program. I tried for this program in january and didn't make the cut for the March start but had my scores sent to a school in Virginia and was accepted. (although now I am not sure I want to go) I know they will be testing here again during the summer and I am thinking that I may try my hand at the test again. You can only take it twice and then you have to sit out for a year if you don't do better the second time or still don't score high enough to get in.

    There is also Mercy College in Toledo. I have strongly been considering this school myself. The only thing holding me back would be the drive. I know the drive wouldn't be bad in the summer but its the winter with our bad roads and snow storms that I am most afraid of and my little car isn't the most sturdy on the roads! But still, the thought crosses my mind every now and then. For the schools further up like LCC (Lansing Community) and SC4 (St. Clair) I can't see making the drive for those either. I don't know. I could always move closer to one of these schools but that puts me further from my job so either way I would be driving a ridiculous amount of time. I am getting discouraged but trying to keep my head up.

    On a lighter note, how do you like U of D? Is it a good change of scenery?
  6. by   diane_daniray
    Lansing Community College does not have a wait list. It goes by points.

  7. by   MsAshley
    I was aware that they don't have a waiting list the problem with that school though is the drive! I live in Detroit so its at least an hour to get there. Not to mention clinicals and such
  8. by   Dayned20
    Thank you so much for all the help!

    As for the school in Virginia, was it as selective as the schools here? And was there a waiting list? What school was it? Also, same for Mercy college in Toledo?

    I definitely understand the driving situation, it can be such as hassle. Especially with our weather. I would like to stay close to home, but its not necessary. I have no wife or kids so it wouldn't be too much of a problem. I am so ready to be out of school that I'm willing to go to Tahiti for nursing school

    As for U of D, I like it a lot here. Its small but quiet. The teachers all seem really nice and knowledgeable and most people are friendly. The neighborhood isn't the best outside of campus, but its all gated and patrolled so I don't worry at all.
  9. by   MsAshley
    Yea I am familiar with the area so I know its definitely not the best but I have heard that the school is really good. It was actually one of the first places that I looked into when I started thinking about pursuing a BSN. My mind has flip flopped so much over the last few months that I don't know which way I am going to go. I guess after the fall semester I am going to just start applying everywhere and then worry about where to go once some acceptances start coming in.

    As far as the school in VA they have a lot more schooling options out there. If you go into the VA forum you will find tons of helpful information. I was looking at the program that Riverside hospital does there as well as a school called Medical Careers Institue (AKA MCI) They have gotten good reviews on the board and I have gotten a lot of information from them. I will probably still send in my applications and see what happens. The school I was already accepted to there was the ITT RN program. Thus far it has had a good NCLEX pass rate and although expensive for the students that do go there they feel they have gotten a very good education.

    Mercy college is one of the number one choices for students having a hard time getting in here in michigan. They are very selective and only take the best of the best I was told by them. They want all of your academic history from high school to present which can be a pain when having to go requesting transcripts if you went to more than one college and/or high school. There is a thread on here about them too.

    Lucky for you you don't have the wife and kids so its easier for you to travel around. I have a husband and a 3 year old daughter not to mention a full time job so having to travel long distances will defninitely cut into the time that I get to spend with my daughter. I would hate to miss some of the important things while she is growing up but I know at some point I am going to have to sacrifice some of that time to acheive my goal. I know I'll be able to make it up to her though one day and she will be with my husband so at least she won't be with a babysitter.

    What classes do you have left to take? I am taking AP1 this summer and I am going to do AP2 and Micro in the fall.
  10. by   Dayned20
    So much stuff to consider!! My mind has been racing the last few weeks, its crazy how hard it is to pick a way and go with it because there are very few "ways." haha

    You and I seem to be at the same point. I have to take another chem class, AP1 & 2, and micro. I even have most of my general ed's done for the schools I was considering because I've changed my major a few times and did some exploratory semesters testing the waters. But, If all of this nursing school stuff works out in my favor, this will be the major that sticks.
  11. by   MsAshley
    Yes we do seem to be going the exact same way! Maybe we need to keep in touch and keep eachother motivated!! I am taking a Chem class now and I have a test today Hopefully I do better than the first one I took! I have all the co req's done as well for nursing because I was scared to take the science classes! I just have never been a fan of them (weird and I wanna be a nurse eh) but I gotta get them done since I feel like this is where I want to be!
  12. by   Dayned20
    Yes, let's definitely keep in touch! And good luck on your chem test!!

    And for the science classes, that is too funny because I feel the same exact way. I was never too bad at them but I never looked forward to them either. Anywho, I'm off for my psychology class, and by the way, thanks so much for all of your help. I look forward to keeping in touch, good luck to you, especially with it being so close to the semester ending!
  13. by   KatieMI
    Davenport University doesn't have waiting list for their new BSN program. No pre-requisites needed - only essay, 2 letters and TEAS. The only problem is that the program is VERY new with provisional accreditation - and they still want baseline $11.000/year for that.

    SVSU in Saginaw doesn't have waiting list for BSN either.
  14. by   MsAshley
    Do you know of any without a waiting list for AND programs??