Mid-Michigan Community College ADN v. Second Degree BSN?  Relative Merits? Mid-Michigan Community College ADN v. Second Degree BSN? Relative Merits? | allnurses

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Mid-Michigan Community College ADN v. Second Degree BSN? Relative Merits?

  1. 0 I would like to start taking my pre-req classes in the Spring of 2013. I am really torn as to whether I should go the ADN route, through Mid-Michigan Community College, or whether I should attempt a Second Degree BSN. The problem I have is that with the ADN, I could actually pay my way through school without taking out anymore loans. My law school loans are just over 100k. I've pretty much accepted that I'll be on IBR until I am so old I don't remember the difference between an easement and a covenant anyway, but I do not want to take on more debt.

    The only BSN program within driving distance of me, is Grand Valley, and the pre-reqs look like they would need to be taken there as well, and with the commute, I would probably have to give up my full time, low-but-steady-with health insurance job. This would mean loans and more debt.

    On the other hand, I do not want to go into a ADN program to find out that I am completely shut out of the market, and can't get a job. I'd love a BSN someday, but hopefully, it could come after I was able to work as an RN.

    I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on whether the ADN program at MMCC is good, whether I should attempt the financial riskier BSN, and of course, anything about employment. Because after going through a terrible law grad first job experience and now a job hunt that has yielded nothing, I am ready for a change, but scared of making the same mistake. Also, because I know if this gets read, someone will wonder, the reason I would like to be a Nurse in my second working life, is because I worked in a long term care setting to get through my BS program, and I loved it, much more than I ever liked law. I like taking care of people, how that got prostituted into law, I am still working out.
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    I believe Grand Valley has a BSN option for 2nd Degree students. If you just can't afford to do the courses there, then why not complete the ADN and then do an RN-to-BSN bridge with another school, like MSU? They have a 15 month RN-to-BSN program that you mostly do online (your clinicals are arranged in your area...MSU has clinical sites in Grand Rapids)

    I can't speak to MMCC's program, because I'm not familiar with it. However, as long as it's accredited by the Michigan BON, then you'll be fine. I would highly recommend getting the BSN. There's a big push towards hiring BSNs over ADNs. While having just the RN won't prevent you from getting a job, it seems like the recruiters out there are really looking for the BSNs.
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    I'd have to take all the pre-reqs at grand Valley and they are too far away from where I am living to make this feasible. I'm pretty sure at this point, I'm going the ADN route. I've done enough research on the job market where I am seeking my first job to know this decision won;t hurt me. And at some point, I'll probably want my BSN, but financially, it's not feasible now. And I have to be in school now, while working full time, to get the in school deferment on my 100k+ of law school debt. But thank you fro taking the time to answer me.
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