Michigan nurses--how long to receive license after passing NCLEX?

  1. 0 How long does it take to get your license after taking NCLEX? Took. It Tuesday, found out I passed today. Need to know by Friday my license number or I can't start my new job yet. Have to wait another two weeks. Argh
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    My license took 8 days to arrive from my nclex pass date.

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    You can look at Michigan.gov under the LARA section and search for you License number. It took 5 days for mine to post to the site from the day I took the exam.
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    I live in michigan and am curious about the nclex timeline. Someone told me last night it takes 6-8 weeks after graduation date to be eligible to take it- is that true? Also once I am eligible to take it how long does it take to schedule? I'm just trying to figure out if I should take it in Michigan for Mass. of in Mass itself. Thanks!

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