Michigan Nurse Practice Act

  1. Maybe someone here can help me. I am graduating next week from an LPN program in Ohio. Most of my education, therefore, has stressed what an LPN can do under the Ohio Nurse Practice Act. I live near the Ohio/Michigan border and will be working in Michigan after pasing boards. I have looked on many search engines and on the Michigan Board of Nursing web site to try to find a copy of Michigan's Nurse Practice Act very unsuccessfully. I was referred by the BON to look under the public health codes, which I did. I still cannot find the main answer I am looking for though. What is a Michigan LPN's role in regards to IV therapy??? I know in Ohio, you hav to complete a separate course and obtain an IV card. Do you have to do this in Michigan also? Does anyone know the restrictions for Michigan LPNs in regards to IVs??

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  3. by   MelRN13
    Search the Michigan Nurses Association website. I am pretty sure they have the practice act listed on their website.