Michigan hospice nurses!!!!

  1. 0 Hi everyone!
    I am newer to this site, well, actually starting to post at least. Here is my run down.
    Have been a nurse since 2006, worked at Karmanos 9WN (post surgical/tele/oncology) for a year, went to HFWH and worked Cardiac ICU (loved it) but realized my passion was hospice. (with supporting families through terminal weans and such). So working at my current employer....it is horrible, has been for 2 years, and nothing is ever going to change. We are understaffed, overworked, burnt out, and worst of all the patients are not getting the care they need and deserve during their end of life.

    So my question to you all: Do you work for a hospice? Do you enjoy it? What are your case loads like?

    For me, I could be in Clinton Township, Wyandotte, Novi, and Detroit all in one day. Our areas have no real boundaries being as understaffed as we are.

    I just need some honest advice as to where is the best place to work for? I really need a change, FAST!
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    Hi there,

    I would like to chat with you further about an opportunity as a hospice nurse in Michigan. Please msg me back if you are interested. Thanks
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    There are a number of good hospices in that area...
    I have friends that work in several of them...
    Good luck.

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