MCC Hesi tips

  1. I'm taking the Hesi on Nov 11th, any MCC nursing students have tips on what to study for?
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  3. by   purevintage
    The study guide helped me a bunch.
  4. by   su85
    Hey relyliz,
    I just saw your post. How did it go? I am taking the HESI this saturday. I am nervous bc the A and P looks verrry broad. I got the study guide and have been using that. I am also worried about conversions.
    Are you applying for the 2012-13 start dates?
  5. by   relyliz
    My best advice is to know that study guide inside and out, the math is exactly what is in the book, which suprised me because I was expecting more and thought that the review guide was not giving enough of a review. I was wrong, if you know the review guide you will be fine. Take your time, you have 4 hours. There a lots of conversions but most of them are metric to metric, some are ml to oz, but there was no apothecary measurements anywhere. I am applying this feb for the 2012/13 year, I assume you are too. Are you taking any classes right now?
  6. by   su85
    Thank you I am applying this february also. I am in A and P and the intro to nursing course right now. Are you taking any classes currently? I am so nervous about the whole thing, but keeping my fingers crossed. One more HESI question, did you feel like the review for a and p in the study guide was sufficient? I am in A and P right now so I have been going through my class notes again as well, but I dont want to over do it and end up forgetting things.
  7. by   relyliz
    If you're in A and P now you should be fine, I took it last winter semester and was fine with the review in the evolve book. There were only 30 questions in the A and P section (which I thought was strange) and everything was pretty broad, nothing to specific. I am in Pathogenic micro right now and loving it. Then I am done and start the big waiting game, wish we didn't have to wait until aug to start, I'm ready now. Good luck to you on Saturday, you will do great I'm sure.