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I am taking the HESI in December (for MCC), and was wondering if anyone could tell me how much (in depth) Anatomy and Physiology to expect? I haven't yet taken A&P (starting my pre-reqs in January),... Read More

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    OK...since Nov. 13 was the first test date....any new info on A&P??? I hope everyone who took it did well! :-)
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    I'm scheduled to take it this Saturday....I still have no clue how much A&P will be on it. Wish me luck!! :-)
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    Good luck.....I'll be there Saturday also.
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    To: Jazznjac and Shannonmarie

    How did you guys do on the HESI? How was the A&P?
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    I was pleasantly surprised at how well I did....considering I haven't had an anatomy class yet (I was basically taking the HESI for practice)! It wasn't bad at all...just be sure to study the study guide! Good luck!
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    I am taking the Hesi on the 20th and I too have not taken any Anatomy as of yet. I am registered for it for this semester though. Do you have any pointers or suggestions for me?? I am studying from the HESI study guide book right now but I am not sure if they give me enough practice questions
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    You are in the same boat as I was in then. I will tell you that I got a 76 (which I was pleasantly surprised with) on the Anatomy portion--I did well enough on the other portions that I really wouldn't have to take it again, but I plan on it anyway since I have the opportunity :-).

    OK--yes, the HESI guide is great. Know what it covers as thoroughly as you can. They didn't ask any questions on anything that wasn't mentioned/covered in the HESI guide. I went an extra step and went over 'anatomy and physiology made incredibly easy' (found it through MelCat) as well as googled each anatomical system for diagrams. I.e, 'skeletal system diagram', 'digestive system diagram', etc. I tried to review the names of everything. Waaayyy too much info to cover, but I did my best. I will say that I found they asked several questions on the endocrine system (what glands produce what hormones, what those hormones do....). I hope I'm not too confusing here. :-)

    I start A&P I at OCC on monday and I'm super-excited! I want to get these prereqs done so I can apply (and get accepted) to a nursing program!

    Good luck to you!!! I'm sure you'll do great!
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    Thanks so much for your help!! I am sure that it will help me out a lot!! I am considering applying to occ as well after I finish my pre req's maybe we'll be in there together!! Was there any chemistry on the test?
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    No, Macomb doesn't include Physics or Chemistry :-) ! Good luck!!