Madonna university

  1. Anyone currently in their program or taking pre reqs there? Was wondering how many they accept. Have not met with head of dept yet.
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  3. by   OB-nurse2013
    Yes I am a student there What questions did you have?
  4. by   mmh2
    How many do they accept? I know it's structured differently than the way they do it in community colleges ( I trans from WCCC) because it's a BSN. Did you take the critical thinking test? I haven't heard much about it so it's daunting. I'm hoping to be ready to apply next summer. You in the program? Just wait, I'll hit you with a bunch of other questions . Love it there so far, this is my first semester.
  5. by   OB-nurse2013
    Hi! Yes, I'm a snior and will graduate next year I like the program pretty much of course theres a few things annoying here or there but nothing like some of the horror stories you hear on here from other schools. I didn't take the critical thinking test for admittance, we had the TEAS but I took it my first nursing semester for what reason I'm not sure, maybe we were guinea pigs It was very easy by the way. Also I think they usually take in 72 students Anything else let me know because there are not many, if any, Madonna students on here. I guess we're few and far between.
  6. by   mmh2
    Good for you! Madonna seems to have a more personal vibe. Especially having come from WCCC. Heard that the minimum GPA to be accepted is 3.6. I have 3.8 but that leaves me no "wiggle room". I'm not well versed on the whole GPA thing. I am as my advisor calls me, " a non-traditional student". I will be 39 next week. I get the basic jist of grade point average, but am worried about the basic algebra class I have to take. I don't want one subject area that I am weak in ( I literally don't get it. I just don't think that way) to ruin my chances. Stressful, that's for sure! Any particular areas of nursing you have found interesting? Where do you do your clinicals? Thanks for responding, I really appreciate it.
  7. by   OB-nurse2013
    It's definately much more personal there which is what I love about it. All of my clinical instructors have been very good and I've been all over the place. I've had clinicals at DMC, VA in Detroit, Beaumont, and Providence. My favorite area so far clinical wise was OB, and I had a great clinical instructor for that. Class-wise I haven't minded any of the classes but pharm was the hardest for me, but if you start off doing well then it actually gets easier because it all just builds off the last classes. I had a similar GPA and got in on my first try, when are you planning on applying?
  8. by   OB-nurse2013
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  9. by   mmh2
    Hopefully next July, I have gen ed classes to take in addition to some more pre reqs that were not required at WCCC. I have a sinking feeling that I am going to get a "C" in this A & P II class. Hormones are killer for me and his exam questions are phrased in a very tricky manner. Good for clinical thinking, I guess, but even though I study my butt off and do everything I am supposed to I'm still not where I would like to be. Big difference from the classes at WCCC and I consider this semester to be my initiation. I am terrified to see what a "C" will do to my GPA and my final is tomorrow and I am a hot mess. I am not used to struggling like this. A & P I was a breeze so this has me a little (ok, a lot ) discouraged. I'm trying to stay positive. We'll see how it goes.... I think for me, getting into the program will be the rough part, but if I do, I am more than confident that I will do fine. Is that odd? I think on some level, I am subconsciously psyching myself out because it is so competitive. Sorry about the stressed out rant. I probably should just go to bed and try to rest before exam. Ha! Fat chance!
  10. by   OB-nurse2013
    Awwwwww, it will be okay! Are you taking A and P at Madonna? I heard the teacher for 2 is very difficult. Anyhow, don't be discouraged if you do get a C. I actually got a C in my first semester and then I got A's in everything else after Madonna looks into more than just your GPA. I believe they also look at your trend of grades which is why I believe my C was okay. Who is your counsler? I know we can't say names but pm me maybe? I love my advisor and she has been so helpful to me. Just do good in your gen ed's and the rest of your pre=req's and you'll be in, I'm sure.
  11. by   mmh2
    I will pm you as soon asI figure out how. Thanks for the encouragement, I feel a little less freaked out now. Yes, I am taking it at Madonna. He would give these "study guides" for the exams and then none of the material on the so-called study guide would be on the tests. And his questions were very tricky. I get my grade tomorrow and final grade Sat. At least that's what he says. I'm guessing that they will be posted when ever the deadline is. I'll cut him some slack because he has been very nice and I did enjoy his class.
  12. by   tlanise
    I would like to study my RN-BSN at Madonna University in a couple years.
  13. by   ilovenursing_13
    I absolutely love Madonna, I got accepted to begin their nursing program in January. I honestly wouldnt worry about that "C" because they look at so much more than just your GPA. Good luck
  14. by   OB-nurse2013
    Quote from ilovenursing_13
    I absolutely love Madonna, I got accepted to begin their nursing program in January. I honestly wouldnt worry about that "C" because they look at so much more than just your GPA. Good luck
    Good Luck!!!! Congrats on starting, I had to turn some stuff in at the nursing school and saw a few of my past professors and they said every group the scores go up and up. Your first semester will be my last-hopefully ahhahaa