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Hi all! I was wondering if anyone has registered to take their HESI in the fall and are planning to apply to Macomb's nursing program for the 2013 admission cycle! Let me know!... Read More

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    You are fine, you will definitely get in!

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    Thanks, I hope so!
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    I'm sure you'll be fine as well! I'm scheduled to take my HESI on the 19th. I'm hoping it isn't too bad.
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    If you study I'm sure you'll find it isn't too bad, is there anything in particular you're wondering about the exam?
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    Um, I'm not too worried about the reading, vocab, or grammar...I guess more so math & a&p. I'm actually taking a&p at the moment, so I should be fine. How was the math?
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    I don't know if all of the HESI tests are the same but my math section consisted mostly of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions. There was a lot of proportions, and converting between the metric system and household measurements also. If you're worried about the math, the study guide book has everything you'll need to know and explains step by step very clearly. It's what I used and the math section was my highest score
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    I have the study guide and I did pretty well on my math exam in my Intro to Nursing course, I just don't want to be caught off guard. I know I'll be fine, but unfortunately, I'm allowing my nerves to get the best of me, that's all.
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    Try not to stress, it's not so bad. You'll do great
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    Did you get your HESI results right away or did you have to wait?
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    Results are given right after you finish the test

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