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Hi all! I was wondering if anyone has registered to take their HESI in the fall and are planning to apply to Macomb's nursing program for the 2013 admission cycle! Let me know!... Read More

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    Hopefulfuturenurse30- there is still time. At least now you know what to expect from the professor as far as exams go & you have a better idea as to how to prepare for the next one.

    shelbyjosh- wow, you must've been competing with a tough bunch. A 3.4 & 90 doesn't sound bad at all. I appreciate the encouragement! I know it's not easy. Just make sure you remember to same thing!
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    i'll be applying for the 2013 admission cycle after i take my HESI this December. I feel like a nervous wreck sometimes lol. I got the Hesi exam review book, so that's all i'm studying from. I'm done with all of my prerequisites, but i'm retaking intro to nursing this semester because i got a B+ the first time around, so i'd rather be safe then sorry. It wasn't that bad, it's just that i didn't try hard enough, & didn't dedicate as much time to the class as i should have... Other than that, i have an A in English and A&P, and an A- in Patho.

    If you guys don't mind sharing, i would love to know how you do in your classes this fall, and overall!
    Good luck to us all!
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    m.obd.90- So far I have an A in both English and Intro to Nursing. I took A&P this past summer in the accelerated 6 wks and talk about stressful! I received a C+ so I'm currently taking that course for the second time and Micro. I'm doing pretty well in both so far.

    I'll keep you updated!
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    I'm so glad there is a 2013 thread now. I've been stalking all the other threads from previous years and they have been an excellent guide. Sometimes more informative than the advisors at the school. I turned in my application for the nursing program already. I have a 3.87 GPA and an 88 on the HESI. I'm retaking the HESI again in January, hopefully I'll get a higher score. Good luck to us all! Can't believe we have to wait until April to find out if we got in or not.
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    Hey everyone! I am currently taking pre reqs for the MCC nursing program and am currently taking A&P. I think I will end up with a B so I might have to retake it Also Has anyone taken English 1180 or 1190 at MCC and liked their professor? Please let me know. Thank you.
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    Are any of you guys applying the for the MSU thing?
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    Just received my results of my HESI and I scored a 94% I will be applying with a 3.9 GPA, I sure hope these scores are good enough to get me a spot in the program
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    You are fine, you will definitely get in!
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    Thanks, I hope so!
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    I'm sure you'll be fine as well! I'm scheduled to take my HESI on the 19th. I'm hoping it isn't too bad.
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    If you study I'm sure you'll find it isn't too bad, is there anything in particular you're wondering about the exam?
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    Um, I'm not too worried about the reading, vocab, or grammar...I guess more so math & a&p. I'm actually taking a&p at the moment, so I should be fine. How was the math?
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    I don't know if all of the HESI tests are the same but my math section consisted mostly of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions. There was a lot of proportions, and converting between the metric system and household measurements also. If you're worried about the math, the study guide book has everything you'll need to know and explains step by step very clearly. It's what I used and the math section was my highest score

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