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Well, another year means another time for more score updates. I am getting ready to take my HESI in a couple weeks to apply for the 2012 Nursing Program and I must say I am really beginning to get... Read More

  1. by   kc0320
    Quote from ajurzak
    Hey All!!! Not sure how many of you applied to MCC's other programs but the letters are out! I was accepted to R.T. But still waiting to hear from Nursing!!! If I had to say, we'll have letters by next Sat!

    This is my second time applying, so im prayin i get in!

    For those who dont know, they figure out your ranking score like this:

    GPA multiplied by 25, then divided by 25. Plus HESSI score divided by 2.
    Hi!!! This is my 2nd time applying too and I got my acceptance letter for the RT program today. I was thinking the same that we should have our letters next week for nursing. This next week is going to drag for a lot of us and going to be very stressful too. Try to think positively everyone and good luck to everyone!!!
  2. by   ajurzak
    @ rnstudenthpfl- sorry, i miss typed, it is divided by 2, not twenty five.
    i did retake classes to boost my gpa. I retook A&P, which i boosted. And Patho, which i didnt boost. I also retook HESSI, and i boosted that.
    If i had this gpa and hessi i would have been in, so im praying im in this year

    @kc0320- Hope ya get in this year! did you retake things to boost gpa or hessi? & Congrats on RT!
  3. by   kc0320
    @ajurzak no I did not retake any classes which I am thinking was a mistake but I listened to other ppl (not in the programs that said an A- was a great grade) but I did try to retake the HESI and came out with the same result. I did get my EMT Cert and License however which I am very proud of and I have been told once I get my RN that will help me in the long run as long as I keep up with my EMT License.
  4. by   ajurzak
    So are you planning on nursing or emt?
  5. by   kc0320
    Nursing but my EMT instructors say that having the duel license is really great and I have meet a lot on RN's that also had the EMT cert but going into paramedic is my back up that program since I have my EMT is a year and a half and then there is a bridge program but like I said that was one of my back ups. After last year not getting in I needed to have some other back up plans.
  6. by   ajurzak
    I needed one too. Thats why I applied to the other programs. Thankfully i got into RT... but i know nothing about it!!
    Im just banking on nursing.
  7. by   kc0320
    I am with you I know nothing about it either.
  8. by   ajurzak
    Just a few more days everyone!!!
  9. by   Jolene~
    3.86 gpa and 89 hesi... just hoping for any start date.
  10. by   ajurzak
    Quote from Jolene~
    3.86 gpa and 89 hesi... just hoping for any start date.
    arent we all!!!
  11. by   kc0320
    This week is DRAGGING by so SLOW I think I may be going crazy
  12. by   ajurzak
    Fortunatly for me, my profs have me loaded with enough work to keep me busy enough so Im not thinking about how many days are left all the time....
    However tomorrow is WEDS! So that means its the last day for people to fix their gpa and all that jazz and the following day is ranking. Which in reality is when they will probally send out letters, so then they should be in the mailbox on Sat!
  13. by   nurseintraining33
    I'm going crazy too, I'm so nervous, I told myself before I applied that it would be ok if I didn't get in this year and I would just retake another class for a better gpa, but I of course got my hopes up so I know I'll be sad if I don't make it :/