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Well, another year means another time for more score updates. I am getting ready to take my HESI in a couple weeks to apply for the 2012 Nursing Program and I must say I am really beginning to get nervous! Thanks to their recent... Read More

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    Does anyone know what the schedule is going to be like and how long the program is from start to finish?

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    Quote from KatieLynn88
    kc0320, MCC will not even look at taking alternates until after the selective admissions fee is due for the nursing program (anyone who didn't pay would obviously be considered to have denied their spot). That date isn't until April 30th, so waiting until Wednesday or Thursday would make no difference. I read on here that last year before the meeting, MCC had already accepted 10 of the alternates based on others not paying their $100). Hopefully this is true and you and I are still in the running!
    That's true I guess I didn't think about that or just wishful thinking
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    I asked about ranking at enrollment when i put down my deposit, and they said that the list will be put into the computer tomorrow sometime, then I can come in and find out.
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    If anyone goes in to find out about rank, can you post if they have it in the system yet?
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    I just called enrollment and they said some of the ranking scores are in the system, but some are not. She told me on the phone that mine was already in the computer, so I could go over to enrollment when I go out there to pay my $100 today and they would let me know :spin:
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    I called the school and they said thye will print another letter for me and that I can go ang get it tonight. yay I am finally gonna find out, but I am super nervous still.....
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    Hi Everyone!

    Just stopped by enrollment. My rank is 29.

    GPA 3.85
    Hesi 92

    They told me that some people were in the system, but if you were not in the system yet, you would have to wait to find out.

    Can't wait to meet you all at Orientation
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    I was told the same thing!
    Rnak 98
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    Quote from ajurzak
    I was told the same thing!Rnak 98
    What was your gpa/hesi? I tried this morning and of course I wasn't in there yet
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    3.6 & 91

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