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Does anyone have any information as to what the average grade point and Hesi scores are for this year? How many people actually applied for the program and took the Hesi? When does Macomb usually send out acceptance letters?... Read More

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    My Hesi score was 92. I am hoping it will be good enough - keeping my fingers crossed.

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    According to the Macomb letter my hesi score is a 96.
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    can anyone tell me how to figure out what my gpa is for the three ranking classes for nursing?? I had an A in English, an A in a and p 1, a B in a and p 2 and an A in micro..thanks so much for your help
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    You can use this link and it will calculate your GPA for you -

    Calculate Your GPA
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    Sorry I didn't see the date on the post, my response was irrelevant at this point lol.

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    Hi is anyone applying for the nursing program with the fall 2012 start dates?
    I am I am taking the Hesi in december and have the study guide. Any other suggestions on
    how to prepare for the test? I am super nervous as I am seeing how crucial it is to to
    Do well as the test is 50% of getting in...
    Any advice at all is greatly appreciated
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    I too will be applying for the 2012 nursing program.
    When I took the Hesi last year, I found that studying the
    Hesi study guide is very helpful.

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