Macomb community college 2018

  1. Hi everyone!
    I'm new to this site and I plan on applying for Macomb's nursing program Feb, 2018!

    Currently I am finishing intro to nursing and microbiology. I would love to meet anyone else who plans on applying.

    I really want to make some friends on this journey!
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  3. by   LaurenRichards817
    Hello! I guess I will be the first to comment :-)
    I am also applying to the program this February. I am finishing up my Patho class this semester. I will be taking the hesi a2 in January. Nice to meet you.
  4. by   Agibbs94
    I'll be applying this winter as well! Im currently finishing up patho and a&p, and Ill be taking my HESI in December!
  5. by   dulce_beso9
    Hi! nice to meet you guys.

    I am also finishing up A & P and patho this semester. Will be taking the HESI January 3rd
  6. by   BrownBull
    Hi guys! Just curious... is there any reason why most applicants are taking the Patho Micro over the General Micro? Is one easier than the other? I will be applying to the RN program in 2019. Best wishes to all of you applying for the upcoming year
  7. by   LaurenRichards817
    General micro vs patho micro I wouldn't particularly say is easier. At Macomb you can take General Microbiology if you have taken 1400 biology. Pathogenic Microbiology doesn't require a prerequisite. I didn't want to take an extra class so I just went with Patho. :-)

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