Kindred Hospital Detroit

  1. Hi, does anyone know anything about this hospital or have any experience working at this hospital? IF so, whats it like, whats the starting pay, is it a good place for new grads? Any info would be greatly appreciated, I have an interview tomorrow, thanks a bunch.
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  3. by   JazzyOneRN
    I know its been awhile since you posted this, but I had an interview Jan 14, and was offered a position to start orientation on Feb 5, pending clearing of background checks etc....Im a new nurse so Im taking the position primarily for the experience. I know nothing about the overall hospital except that the patients are very sick and the nurse to patient ratios for their ICU unit its 4:1 Tele unit 5:1 & med surg 6:1....The building is the old St John Conner Creek by the city airport. The units seem to be updated, but the census appears to be very low right now...Im nervous about starting, but Im nervous with any new job I start...Did you decide to take the position?
  4. by   Alphabet-soupRN
    I applied to this hospital yesterday. I didn't know it existed until yesterday! I see it's been about a year since your post. Are you still there? Do you enjoy it? Should I be contacting HR about my application? Sorry I can't PM yet, I'm a few posts short.