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Hi! I was wondering if anyone was planning on applying to the ADN program at Jackson Community College in May for fall of 2011. I am just finishing up one pre-requisite and I have to take the HESI exam in May and then fill out... Read More

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    Hi Mully,

    Thanks for the encouragement! I am nervous about the first 8 weeks. I am a brand new student to JCC, so its been a lot of work just to get everything organized for the first week of classes. I didn't even realize I had to attend new student orientation, so I finally did that in order to register for classes. I still got a few things left to do, but hopefully be ready by Aug 29th. I had a question for you, as far as lab times, for example, for Nurs 2450 if you had to register for the 3pm to 5pm, are they strict about you coming to the lab time or are you allowed to come in earlier? I was just curious. I was kind of surprised they let us pick our sections this semester, but I think they can move people around though to make the sections even. Have you been a JCC student before you started the ADN program?

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    Yes I did all of my prerequisites at JCC. As far as switching lab times, you'll have to talk to the professor but they're usually pretty lenient. ----- taught Health Assessment last year and my guess is she's doing it again this year. She'd be who you would need to see.

    Don't be nervous, just take it very seriously and tell any family/friends you have that you'll see them again in 8 weeks! If you have troubles you can come to the Center for Student Success at JCC too because we offer free tutoring (that's where I tutor from), just in case you need.

    Good luck! Oh and your class will be in the new health building! I haven't been in it yet but it looks awesome from the outside.
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    Thanks for all of the helpful information! I will probably just be content with the later lab time. I am just going to accept that I will be a busy person for a couple of months and just stay on top of everything and not get behind. We leave for vacation on saturday, so I am excited to enjoy this time with my family since when I come back I will have one more week of freedom before classes begin. Do you have any other job besides tutoring? I just wondered since they said some students can handle working the 15 to 20 hours and some can't.
    I guess it just depends on the person.
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    I work as a CNA at Jackson County Medical Care Facility. During those eight weeks, I found it very difficult to work the minimal every other weekend that I was doing. However, after the eight weeks, it became pretty doable.
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    Mully, I am applied for the ADN program and hopefully I will be starting in January. I currently took a CNA class and I was thinking of applying at Jackson Medical Care so I can work while in the program. Would it be best to apply now than to wait, I'm just thinking of any training that would interfere with classes & lab/clinical time. Any advice that you can give me would be great!! Thanks in advance!!
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    Apply now! I was originally hired for "every other weekend" which is very minimal, but has worked out perfectly. Working any more than that will be pretty difficult, at least for the first 8 weeks. But hey, who's to say you can't? Apply now, that's my advice.
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    Thank you Mully! I will take your advice, it is very much appreciated!!
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    can anyone tell me what the lowest point scores were for aplying at jcc last fall?
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    do you attend jcc?
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    One year and one day you resurrect this thread? Lol okay, well I'll tell you that I remember the lowest score for my class was something like 63. I've heard of even lower though. It's a good time to be able to get into the JCC nursing program - they recently expanded it AND census is down, so there's a good chance even a poor score will get in. Just as long as you have more than 50...

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