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Has anyone heard if they got accepted to the September 2012 Nursing Program at ITT Tech Canton? If so what was your HESI score?:nurse:... Read More

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    I'm so nervous I can't wait I'm going on vacation the week before the program starts for a week and i just hope orientation isn't that week. Did she call for a fin aid appt.
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    Nope, she didn't call today. I'm just ready to start!!
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    That makes 2 of us I can't wait until she calls...maybe she had to call other people with the sad news that they didn't make it then she will call us. I'm so excited!!!!
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    i was accepted!
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    im accepted too! i can't wait to see you all in class!
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    Congrats!! I'm so excited!!!
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    Im accepted to!! Orientation is tomorrow @ 10 see u there:-)
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    So it's 6:45am my suitcase is in the trunk of my truck and I am so excited about orientation today. Congrats again to all of you that were accepted. I'm just so excited to start school!