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HI, took the HESI test at SC4 last week and scored an 94.31. I was really glad with this score. Did anyone else here take it and want to share their score? I know that there are other parts that SC4 averages your final score... Read More

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    Can you tell me what nursing pricnables consist of (all three parts). In your opinon why did those 13 fail? Did they not take it serious enough? Was it not for them ? I am just trying to get an edge here. One of my pitfalls is my grammer, it is not up to par with the nursing society. I just got to keep trying to get up on that level. I heard nothing but good things about the instructors at clinicals (it just makes the studies go so much easier when there is no one jumping on you). Well, with me my wife takes care of the children, she always has so I got you beat on that one . If I do get accepted I am moving down there, and coming home on the weekends.

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    Principles includes principles lecture (4 long boring hours), skills class (2 hours) and clinicals (2 days a week). If you fail any part of these 3 you fail principles and have to retake all of them over. Oh and in addition 8 weeks out of the semester they add in another class, nursing process, that gets added into your principle grade. I think that so many people fail because they can't get used to the way that the questions are worded. They are very tricky. The content of the material isn't difficult if you study it, but you have to be able to use your critical thinking skills. Also, there are many questions that have 2 right answers and you have to be able to determine the best right answer. So I think that's hard for a lot of people. Whereas in pharm, the content is more difficult, but the questions are pretty straightforward, as you long as you put the time into the material. I purchased an NCLEX (saunders) study guide this semester, which is a nice review. I wish I had bought it sooner. It gives you a lot of practice questions that are worded how you're going to see them on a test. It's nice because it gives the rational as well. If I were you I would get this book early and begin looking over it just so you can get used to the way that the questions are asked.
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    Where did you purchase that book, From SC4 bookstore? I would ordered it also, anything that would help me get a head start is appreciated. Got to ask you a favor, can you get your reply to me from 1/23/2010 (1:07 pm) delated please? I guess that wasn't too smart of a thing to do on my part.
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    I think I got my book from Borders, but I know that you can get it online as well. I'm not sure how to delete a post. If you know, let me know how and I will do it.

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