Henry Ford Wyandotte

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    Does anyone have any experience working at this hospital. Is it a good place to work? I have heard of lot of negative about it and was just curious, as I am a grad nurse and maybe considering it, thanks.

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    I know someone who works there. He's been there a while and doesn't really have much to compare it to. I wish I could be more helpful.
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    k thanks!
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    I work there now. Can you PM me anything specific you would like to know? It is a community hospital. So it is different from working at a large teaching facility like Henry Ford Detroit. I have worked at both.

    Where do you want to work ER,ICU,OR,L&D, Med/Surg?
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    I sent you a PM.
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    Thanks for the reply nrsang97, I appreciate it; you were very helpful. Yeah, I would like to go to the OR and was just wondering about the hospital, I know someone who works on the 3rd floor and she hates it, says they are always short, others having nothing good to say about it but I think it just depends on your experience.
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    That's true. I know nothing about the third floor. I rarely interact with them so I don't take many rapid calls there. OR would be a different ball game. I know nothing about working OR anywhere. HFHS is transitioning to EPIC computer charting.

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