Happy, "I love my job!!" stories - do tell... Happy, "I love my job!!" stories - do tell... | allnurses

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Happy, "I love my job!!" stories - do tell...

  1. 0 As a potential student with some down time until the summer semester begins, I have found myself on this site daily looking for advice,tips, encouragement,etc. I have also found alot of posts about the scary entrance tests, how grueling the program is and what a tough time new grads have had finding jobs. Now that I am completely freaked out I was looking for some happy stories. Ones about the light at the end of the tunnel, finding a job you love and most importantly, why you love your job.
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    I'm in my third semester of my RN program and work full-time as a LPN. I love my job, love school, and wouldn't want to be doing anything other than what I'm doing!

    There is a lot of negativity not only in nursing, but health care overall. I work very hard at focusing on what I'm doing, day-in-day-out. As I do on this site, I read and listen to the opinions and experiences of others so that I have a basic understanding of what's going on out there, but I stop it there. I hold tight to my goals, and work
    very hard at meeting mine. I'm an LPN taking it one step at a time to becoming a NP, and so far I'm with a 3.8GPA, in my 3rd semester like I said of RN school, and enjoy my job so much that it doesn't feel like a "job" most days.
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    wow thats really good- i wish i had a 3.8 in Nursing School